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  1. what about people who have already had money from them for ppi will they look at them again has well to make sure welcome work them out right
  2. anyone had a yearly statement from welcome mine very confusing
  3. thanks for reply i have had 3 loans and never missed a payment on any of them the one now finishers next december so it wil be interesting to see what they do with mine will keep u posted if i were u i would certainly get a better explanation before u except anything for your own piece of mind have u asked for sar if so see what this says has well good luck
  4. was it good offer i not heard yet my loan only as 1 year to run now
  5. they siad the same to me on thursday im still waiting for letter too
  6. sounds a bit like mine only i have 3 loans ppi on second one not sure about the first but definatle not on the one now which finishes next december was it a good offer i not heard anything yet
  7. did u have any other loans with them or just the one i not had my reply yet
  8. i to had one of these letters just signed and sent it back never thought about signature never mind see what happens
  9. what about my loan will it carry on with someone else they sent me amessage tellin me make sure the money was in my bank on the due date i have never missed a payment
  10. i had a recorded message yesterday saying your direct debit is due out your account in the next couple of days can u please make sure you have sufficent funds in your account i wouldnt mind but i have never missed payment
  11. UBS Global Asset Management* - Form 8.3 - Cattles what this mean ???????????? anyone:-|
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