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  1. As Citifinancial are now saying that my loan has been sold, who should I sent a SAR request to, Citi or Atlas. I'm very confused now as I also seem to be getting letters from Westcott too
  2. I made a claim against Citi for mis-selling before the PPI court ruling was made, they told me unless I took it out I couldn't have loan, as had low credit rating. Within a couple of months they re-wrote the loan on a different rate and again with two separate PPI single policies, with arrangement fees added. They offered me a third loan on a lower interest rate but again saying I had to borrow more money to get this new rate and with 2 single PPI policies sold. I accepted the Ombudsman's decision they had to pay me back. I did receive some monies about £3,300 at th
  3. Would this mean the agreement is unenforceable if they used the wrong kind of agreement, or can they still get round this?
  4. I just spoke to one of my lawyers at my place at work as I worked for a corporate law firm but he said with the distance selling regulations you have longer cancellation periods. He said that people buying over the internet rather than in the shop have slightly better rights. I recall having purchased something else from MFI but many many years ago and I do recall having statements from them on a monthly basis but with Black Horse they send them when I aske for them.
  5. Thanks for your positive advice everyone, I will post again after I have been to the case management hearing. I never receive any month statements, no notification of the increase in arrears charges or interest rate changes, had no default letter although they say they have sent one but I have asked for proof of delivery and have received no termination notice. I will argue the fact that I have been put at an unfair advantage under S140A and let you know how I get on. Thanks again and especially Andy!
  6. Yes I have, they only seem to send them periodically. they don't send them monthly and each time they slap on £30 for the late fee
  7. I think that as Lloyds have been bailed out by the taxpayer the authority is to drawn on all the funds that can get in and that is why they have done that. Also, as now credit card companies are only able to charge £12 for late fees and they are charging me £30 even though they state the charges in the CCA, can they still do this. I believe I read somewhere that there has been a sharp increase in Lloyds Bank CCJ registry entries. I do really appreciate your help and guidance as can't afford a solicitor.
  8. After I ordered my husband wasn't happy with the rate they were charging so I was locked in and they have kept the rate at above 26% even with the base rate cuts and as they are taking me to court as have had a substantial reducation in household income, I only make partial payments and they have issued a summons against me. They have said they do not want to use the court mediation service to settle, so it looks like they're trying to go straight for a CCJ which I don't want. I was considering one of these audit companies looking at the agreement and then looked on here. Would having that k
  9. In the showroom so not distance involved whatsoever
  10. Hi, it says "you have no right to cancel this Agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, the Timeshare Act 1992 or the Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004. I was never told I wasn't allowed to cancel when they sold me the kitchen. I am not sure what the Timeshare Act has to do with a kitchen and it certainly wasn't made to measure, it was just bog standard size units.
  11. I also notice that they have my date of birth down as 22nd and it should be 23rd. Also not sure whether it matters or not, but the agreement is not dated by me. Does it make any difference if they date the agreement 15th Feb
  12. Also the appliance extra care was for an extended warranty on oven/microwave
  13. It says you "cannot cancel this agreement" under Key information, first section left hand side. Thanks
  14. Pictures by jan78worsfold - Photobucket Hope this is correct
  15. How do I post a copy? sorry to appear stupid. I'm not usually! Thank you
  16. Hi, I am new to this site and Black Horse have issued a summons again me. I was sold a kitchen by MFI and it was bog standard sized cabinets, nothing was measured or made to order. Apparently from a copy of the credit agreement, it says I was unable to cancel the agreement? I was therefore unable to cancel after I signed in the store. I was never told this and I never received a copy on the day and never received any cancellation notice in the post. I also note in the CCA it says what they can charge for late fees which they have been whacking on the account. I have been making reduced pay
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