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  1. Can anyone help with the above question, thank you
  2. I had 2 agreements with Black Horse (no PPI), one a loan and one a credit card via MFI. I have repaid the loan agreement and the second had a CCJ which has now been sold to MFS portfolio and which I am repaying £75.00 per month. Having looked at statements, they were charging me £25.00 or £30.00 in fees. Can I reclaim these, even though it says in the agreement that they can charge these fees? Thank you
  3. Whatever they are doing, legal or otherwise, I smell a rat. Annual turnover £80m and annual loss £4 million
  4. Companies often split into several entities for legal or financial reasons, and so there can be many companies as part of the same family. These entities are listed as subsidiaries of this company. CONNAUGHT COLLECTIONS UK LIMITED EDWARD JAMES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED EDWARD JAMES INTERNATIONAL (HOLDINGS) LIMITED 1ST CREDIT LIMITED 1ST CREDIT (FINANCE) LIMITED 1ST CREDIT (HOLDINGS) LIMITED 1ST CREDIT (FINANCE) 2 LIMITED 1ST CREDIT (ACQUISITIONS) LIMITED more info
  5. A very lucrative business for them and misery for millions, they seem to be of the same type as Wonga and Payday loans. I'm going to lodge as many complaints as I can against 1st Credit
  6. I think many of these companies are very unethical and prey on people's fears and worries. I think the OFT or Watchdog need to look in to the practices of these companies which have become big over the past years since the recession and banks off-loading their debts. I wonder what percentage they pay for debts?
  7. some further information for 1st Credit (Funding) Limited Accounts reference date: 31/12 Last registered accounts: 31/12/2011* Accounts next due: 30/09/2013 Accounts overdue: no Accounts category: GROUP Accounts document available: yes Annual turnover: £80,164,000.00 Annual profit: £-4,666,000.00 Turnover per employee: £319,378.49 Profit per employee: £-18,589.64
  8. What is going on with these companies. They are trying to avoid detection of some sort, I think. If you look on Companies House a lot of these companies with so many name changes, definitely something fishy going on and think will write to the OFT about their practices. 1st Credit (Finance) Limited 9/03/2001 HILLGATE (210) LIMITED 1st Credit (Finance) 8 Limited 27/07/2011 DE FACTO 1880 LIMITED 1st Credit (Finance) 7 Limited 05/08/2011 DE FACTO 1879 LIMITED 1st Credit (Finance) 6 Limited 27/07/2011 DE FACTO 1878 LIMITED 1st Credit (Finance) 2 Limited10/12/2003 OVAL (1926) LIM
  9. Has anyone had any dealings with this company or know anything about them. They buy debts from banks, credit card companies and utilities but after looking at the companies house website, it seems they have many variations, from 1st Credit Finance (1) Limited and so on up to 1st Credit Finance (10) Limited, 1 st Credit (Management) Ltd (which has been dissolved. I had a Halifax credit card assigned to 1st Credit Finance (5) Limited and had a letter saying they have now changed their name to CAI Finance Limited. Edward James Intl Ltd was a previous company whom was
  10. I have found a credit agreement and statements with Lombard Tricity Finance (now GE Money) from 1995, how far can I go back or is this too old? Thank you
  11. Funny how they say they refunded it and now all of a sudden they reply saying they didn't include it. These banks are robbers. Good luck with your claim
  12. Just for a quick update, I have had an email from the Ombudsman to say Citi now confirm they did not refund the Takecare policies, even though they were adamant they did and were sorry for this and will refund £743.06. I'm still not convinced what they gave me back for the PPI policies is correct and thus the redemption on each loan incorrect. As the loan has now been sold to a third party, I will wait for the paperwork to calculate myself. Will keep you posted and thanks for your help dx
  13. Thank you for taking a look, I have sent a SAR to Atlas, as I first made this claim before the Court's decision on PPI mis-selling. I went through the Ombudsman I relied on them, but they did not check any calculations. Hopefully, once I have what I need I can post back.
  14. Thank you for your help. It is very much appreciated!. I enclose 1. A copy of loan agreement number 2 2. Copy of PPI refund letter 3. Copy of reply in relation to my complaint which has been ongoing for 3 years. I am not sure whether Citifinancial have provided me with a correct refund. I am just enclosing loan 2 for the moment. Loan 1 (I am waiting for a copy of the credit agreement) also included PPI. Loan 2 (attached) they sold PPI and a Takecare policy. Having looked through their correspondence, the Ombudsman's decision included the Takecare policies but they hav
  15. Just wanted some help with some other questions please, in working out the PPI percentage, do I take the total cost with interest or without? How do I attach a copy of my agreement in PDF format? thank you
  16. Hi, I need some further help with this. Citi were supposed to give me a refund on 5 policies and they only gave me a refund on 3 of the policies. I reopened the case with the Ombudsman and here is their reply. They were also asked to recalculate the redemption on each loan, i.e if they say I overpaid £200 on the first loan, then payments were calculated incorrectly on the original loan of £4,000, this meant the redemption figure carried forward to loan 2 was incorrect and also with loan 3 also. I really don't know where to go next with this and any help is
  17. Going back through the figures just provided, Citi sold 5 policies all in all for 3 loans, 2 extra Takecare policies on the 2nd and 3rd agreement (in addition to 3 PPI policies). The Ombudsman upheld the complaint in relation to these also, as the term of these policies were only for 3 year (whereas the loans were for 5 years), so pretty pointless policies also. It seems they failed to refund or calculate any rebates on these policies.
  18. Just had another letter from CitiFinancial, they said I should address any request for Data to Atlas. I can't understand how they hold no information. They have replied which does not address any of my concerns and say I was paid according to their calculations. However, they were ordered by the Ombudsman to recalculate each loan, every time they used incorrect redemptions which included the PPI, they refuse to provide calculations of each loan and put me in a position had I not been sold the insurance. I have requested this information so I can do some
  19. The banks are playing dirty but I do agree, it's better to be debt free. You are free and never have that worry. I feel debt is nothing other than slavery. Glad you had success.
  20. I've just had a letter from the Ombudsman to say they are going back to Citifinancial for the information as they were told to restructure the 3rd loan but they did not and they gave only a partial refund and they never gave any breakdown of the figures. Also, have now received a letter from Wescot to say it has been withdrawn from their client Citifinancial
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