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  1. no, i do have a couple from before the default - we had just moved homes while this was all going on and i was a bit slack keeping letters etc
  2. Hi, yes just had the letters of transfer/assignment and another off lowells kindly offering the discuss the problem.
  3. Originally a northern rock card it was transfered to co-op soon after taking it out. I requested the cca from them and this is what they sent. It didn't contain the required t&c's which came on a separate bundle of papers with a header that looks like it was taken from a website screen shot so i put the account in dispute in 2009 and it has been quiet until now. It was transfered\sold to lowells at the end of 2012. What should be my course of action?
  4. Hi all, Just looking for someone to give my draft letter a once-over, cc and advice is more than welcome The loan was assigned to a dca in december 2011, the reply letters i have been pasted along with the letter offsetting and my reply letter. many thanks Dear Sir/Madam I do not agree with you `off-setting` any part of my claim to xxxxxxxx or any other third party. As I understood your offer, any monies that I owed directly to you would be deducted from my claim but as you no longer own the alleged debt and have no right to withhold monies in respect of it. If xxxxxxxx wis
  5. no and neither is implementing a fair use policy that isn`t in the contract!
  6. I don`t think many people would sign up for one if they knew the consequences - that would mean reading the small print and how many of us do that and understand it? count me out of that one
  7. 3000 min in 22 days????? What on earth can you talk about for 2 1/2 hours a day? but that`s irrelevant, unlimited means unlimited and if your agent is manually adding in the clause you need to ask him for a copy of a blank contract (you will then also know whether he is as helpful as you think) for evidence in any future legal tussle. Be mindful also that if they have any of your bank card`s long numbers - they will bill you that way instead of setting a new DD. Tell the bank that you have lost the card and need a new one - The number will change to stop them. And do it as soon as poss
  8. I took out a loan of 10k that came with ppi(i`m not sure how, if or whether i asked for it) i defaulted in march 09 after being made redundant and to this day there is a bout 3.5k outstanding. I wrote RBS/direct line after contacting the consumer credit council asking to reduce my payments to zero while i was unemployed as i hadn`t signed on because i wasn`t aware that i could, but they refused. I later sent off for my consumer credit agreement which although almost illegible show a computer printed tick selecting ppi. My question is; Would them not informing me that i had ppi when contac
  9. Bankrupts are allowed up to £500 of credit to allow for thing like utility bills.
  10. You`re an agent for them(and know the system) yet it still took you a `few weeks` to sort it out, What chance has average Joe got? And what an excellent example of UW`s arrogant attitude to customers, assuming that if they claim something which you`ve not come across liars. I agree that the word `[problem]` may be mis-used but incompetent, arrogant and unconcerned about their customers wouldn`t be wrong. As an agent for them, you have a vested interest in their good reputation but good customer relations depend on well trained staff that `listen` and try to find where their problem lies an
  11. There`s nothing like flogging a dead horse(dog) though eh?
  12. yes they sent a reader out twice in the month after they fitted it to check if she`d bypassed it as the readings were so dissimilar. any idea what should her next move be?
  13. thanks dx i will, i`m wondering how she`ll go on regarding what she has overpaid all these years as if the meter is faulty the wouldn`t be able to use any of it`s readings to calculate the bill, ergo should she get most if not all of her money back?
  14. hi all A friend of mine(early 60`s) has for the last 7 years had problems with her electricity bills. She had a credit meter in the house she moved into and was paying her bills via a monthly direct debit. The bills kept increasing to a point where she couldn`t afford them and started `economising`to the point where she had no heating on even through the winter, wearing multiple layers of clothing, gloves, scarves and hats even in bed. Bathing consisted of standing in a bucket of water heated from the kettle. It contributed to the break-up of her relationship, has been to ashamed to h
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