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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks mate, Yes I suspect that will be the next letter - although I do have a £1000 overdraft, a £19,000 personal loan and a £3000 credit card debt to them, so it's not like they aren't making any money off me at all. I'd be interested to see whether being a 'good customer' (in their terms) will be enough to spare me... How would it stand on legal grounds if they were to close my account - could they demand all of the above to be paid back immediately? (eek!) I do have a parachute account already from the first time around (Alliance and Leicester) - although they seem to b
  3. Wow, I have the same TV with exactly the same problem! I can cope with the fascia coming away but it seems to cause the backlight to get brighter in the corners where it's coming away, which isn't acceptable. I'm on my second one now which seems okay so far (touch wood) but Curry's agreed it was faulty and replaced it so you should be able to do the same! James
  4. Hi Guys, I can't really believe my luck but here goes... Following a succesful claim sometime last year for just over £1000, I have since been stung yet again by HSBC for more charges... you'd think they'd learn! (or maybe you'd think I'd learn!) Anyway, back in April I fired off the very first letter for round 2 of the proceedings, asking for £250 back. Since that time I've been busy with one thing and another and completely forgot to follow my letter up. Blow me, I go down to get the post on Saturday morning and there's a letter from HSBC offering me back my £250, plus £25 mor
  5. That's very interesting - they're obviously so busy now that they're not checking up properly on who's actually making good on their threats and who doesn't get round to it. I was due to file my claim against them and didn't get round to it for two weeks after my due date, but just as I was about to do it I got an offer for the full amount too. If I was them I'd be seeing who's making good on their threats rather than just paying out to everyone after a certain time! James
  6. No, no sign of them closing my account! Now, here's to making sure I don't rack up any more of these flaming charges! James
  7. Any news? Having just got back my HSBC charges I'm on a mission and thinking of tackling Marbles next (only £150 in total but, goddammit, it's my money!!!) James
  8. By the way, I wanted to edit my thread title to add *£1050 refunded in full without raising a claim!* in order to attract more attention but it doesn't seem to have worked - any hints on how to do that?! James
  9. Well the money's arrived back in the account today - woo-hoo! For anyone else in a similar position, (i.e. you accepted an offer from HSBC on their headed paper and sent back your form), that's taken just under a week to come through. Must say I'm quite surprised at how easy it was, and specifically that I lapsed on my timeframe (didn't get around to raising my claim at all) and yet after a certain time they still just caved in and refunded me the money without any further prompting. Maybe they have so many coming through now that they don't have time to check which of us have a
  10. Great news! I had the same letter last Thursday (just before I was due to file) and immediately faxed it back and then also sent it recorded delivery, however so far there's no sign of any money. Thinking of ringing them up now actually to ask where it is! So don't get too excited until it's actually in your account! James
  11. Well this is odd... I've just simply not had the time to get my act together and file my claim which is presumably what they hope will happen, however today I got home to a letter which is identical to the previous letter offering me £875, but this time it offers the full £1050.50. No mention of their previous offer or that we accepted it in part settlement! I'm going to send it back signed and accept it but won't celebrate until the money arrives into the account! Just to clarify this is a letter from HSBC in Leeds (Colin Langdale) and not from DG solicitors as we never go
  12. Thanks everyone - it's hard to hang in and keep motivated when things seem to be going badly, it's a good job we have this place to come to and vent! Do you think making the claim at the local court will make that much difference? I'm not sure if I can get there easily this week and doesn't it cost more doing it like that? Cheers James
  13. Okay, well they've now had my letter 7 days and not one penny has arrived back in my bank account nor have I heard anything. I imagine this means within the next few days I'll have a letter saying they've withdrawn their offer of £875 because I didn't accept it as full payment - can they do this? I suppose the next step is to file my MoneyClaim? Can't do it until I get paid on Friday sadly! James
  14. Oops, sorry for the profanities!! ;-) Here's what I'm writing to them today - any thoughts? "Dear Mr Beaumont, I refer to your letter of 1st June 2006 offering a figure in the sum of £875.00 in relation to the charges levied against our account. We accept this offer as part payment in relation to this claim and would ask that the remaining £225.50 be refunded to the account in question within 7 days to avoid further action. This remaining £225.50 is comprised of the remainder of the initial charges of £1050.50, plus £50 charges levied on our account on 29t
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