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  1. What exactly does that mean and what are the implications for this case?
  2. Even then, they would need EVIDENCE. Not just a whim.
  3. I dont think he has much to worry about if he explains the situation as clearly as you did in your opening post.
  4. Just one question: If you were paid £20/hr for 15.5 hours a weeks work, do you think it would affect INCOME SUPPPORT? Are you sure you heard the advisor correctly? Not trying to be confrontational, just wondering how clearly the rules are explained!
  5. What is it that you dont understand about the caution? - Maybe someone can clarify for you?
  6. Arent incapacity benefit and DLA non - means tested? Unless you are actually getting Income support due to incapacity?
  7. It appears she had the medical 6 weeks ago - thats why the benefit was stopped? Is that correct? Think you should still appeal and reclaim if the condition has worsened as prev correspondent stated. Are you able to sign on or claim benefits yourself? - you havent made that clear. As for DWP / DSS staff paying for xmas parties out of saved benefits?? Are you sure matey? hows that going to happen??
  8. I believe you have to declare all work / income for income based benefits. Not sure about the 12 hours / week defence - if he earned £20/HOUR for 11 hours (or more) would they declare that? I think (pls dont quote me) the HB would only stop if the entitlement to JSA was completely extinguished - this probably would not be the case for 6 hrs per week work.
  9. Does he use another address??????
  10. Sorry to labour a point but this interests me. Presuming the tape can be re sealed undetected, how would they alter the tape to make it beneficial to their purposes? And how again would it go undetected? I am not saying it hasnt been tried in the dim and distant, but surely its one hell of a conjouring trick to pull off!!
  11. What and then the tape altered and re sealed - surely that would be easy to spot and presumably a sacking offence for the officer when detected. Too much telly i reckon with all due respect
  12. Just wondering how they can 'adulterate' the tape when they seal a copy in your presence???????????
  13. They obviouusly cant stop it then!! Have you phoned them and asked them what its about or is there any more information on the letter inviting you in?
  14. PS You may need to claim JSA, if previously you were claiming due to Incapacity
  15. The score isnt owt to do with your NI record - its how they have assessed your incapacity methinks.
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