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  1. Hi all Can someone please advise on this This is all new to me as I live in N Ireland but work 1-2 weeks a month in london I am in an apt in london which is rented from a landlord by the company I work for I returned a few days ago to find a letter put under my door from a company Jbw with reference to a liability order Firstly the letter doesn’t have my correct name and neither it should as I don’t rent the place the letter has my first name correct but surname wrong and don’t have a clue as to where they get this in first place except the estate agents that deal wit
  2. Hi all Would like to know your opinions after being put off esa and appealing straight away which was Nov 2016 we didn't realise as was explained to us that we could claim jsa benefit we did not claim jsa for 5 weeks eventually we got jsa after a few problems but they will not backdate it to end of esa as they say we were not available for work but won't explain that bit so appealed it refused again but now we going to appeal But on another note we asked for a MR on our esa from November but to date of today this has never been decided we have rang and sent more info but nothing from t
  3. Hi guys Sorry have been down sick and out of action for a wee while I will update after my initial post I contacted CA and done the online calculator and as some stated we were due more We contacted benefit office and yes they said they made a mistake it should have been a joint claim when we applied to sign on we rang them and explained what happened we were told to come in on a date and time and when we did we were given the forms to fill in we never questioned it as you would think they would no their own job We were also told they will not back date claim to 7th November a
  4. Hi thanks have tried that it states we as a couple should get 114 a week but don't no if that takes these contributions into account as I have been on esa for 3-4 years We don't no what to do our local cab can't see us to next week You can see we need help as soon as possible
  5. Guys could someone please advise urgently Going to shorten all that has happened Was on esa for last three years. Done the wca and received the normal 0 points asked for a MR straight away that was 7th November 2016 got a letter to say they will look into it so we waited and heard nothing we thought it be a week or two but to date still no word So we rang to see what happening was told there was a backlog as we needed some money we ended up signing on to jsa me and my wife was told to come in on 29th December so we did we filled in the forms with the ones behind the desk We didn
  6. Hi all Can I ask what is a reasonable waiting time for a reconsideration on esa as per other posts I had the wca, received letter 5 days later got 0 points phoned straight away for the reconsideration got a letter back stating it had Ben accepted from the 7th November so have waited have rang a few times been told I would just have to wait as they had a backlog So to date nothing and this is the 11th January We received no monies so decided to ring benefits and had to sign on to jsa explained I was not fit but was told if I didn't do it I get no benefit and as of yet we signed
  7. Guys Can I seek your advice here Quick breakdown - I was claiming esa for myself and partner in November had a wca and yes couple days latter got letter putting me off asked for the MR been told this will take a while it's 35 days at present (working days)we are waiting Have had no benefits from October end my wife has phoned to sign on appointment in 2 days she has told them on phone the situation they have stated if I am not able to work we may get nothing she was told I have to go to appointment too Can any advise what we may be entit
  8. Hi all Phoned for update got some very unhelpful person was told there was at least a 30 working day wait before I may hear from them but on my calculation on the 23rd Dec is 35 days now But was also told they have a backlog, surprise surprise I wonder why I still can't work out how they can review your wca in 5 days and put you off and benefit stopped before you get letter but take so long to review but that's the politicians we all voted for cowards I have just decided to sign on benefits as have had no monies from October can anyone advise the best way on this I have an appointment
  9. Guys can anyone help me here I'm waiting for reconsideration from 7th November all I had so was a letter to say i have asked for this back in November this can't be right I am in N, ireland too if this means anything
  10. Just an update guys on this We phoned for the reconsideration on the 7th nov and also asked for a full wca report to be sent a week later still no report so phoned again to be told that it had not been requested as not on system but got a cop in a couple days later And i will be honest it blew my mind what i read in it i have never seen so many lies i honestly did not believe they could ask you a question and put a completely different answer to what was said One answer was that i walked from reception to his office with no problems how did he want me to get into it and im so glad i b
  11. Can anyone answer my question About to be kicked of esa failed medical but by time they do reconsideration we will have no benefits I myself get esa and get allowance for my wife if we go and sign on for jsa will my wife be able to do the claim and claim for me as we did this before but they wouldn't allow it stated it had to be me but im not fit to work and if i go into to do it they will say you should be on esa so wont get that as they put me off and until i get to tribunal which will probably be a few months away Could someone give me some guidance please
  12. Hi all just to give an update had my medical on the31st october at the end of medical which was only a few questions i was told it would take two weeks for my assessment to be decided by esa dept low and behold i got my letter today 9th letter dated 7th and i got 0 points and have been put off benefit from the 6thso they didnt waste any time on me They have tried to put me off for last year or two but i have beat them at tribunal so im starting to feel the are harassing me Ok next bit read over the letter sent putting me off and if im honest i never thought that when reading stories o
  13. Hi all cut a long story short Had a medical couple years ago,2.5 years later they decide im fit for work i appeal it on basis that medical not up to date they appeared at medical tribunal and stated they didn't no why we were there didn't supply all relevant paperwork to me before tribunal which was picked up by head of tribunal eventually they gave up and i won Next couple weeks later got a letter to say i was in a group and would be contacted for an interview then got a new esa 50 questionnaire sent to me given me a month to send back so did and now yesterday got a letter for me to ap
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