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  1. Sorry for the delay, I have found some interesting material on SWIGA that was sent to me by Energycare group to prove that the SWIGA warranty was less suitable than the insurance backed on. I had phoned SWIGA over 20 times and not once did they return my calls, It was the usual 'the person you want to talk to is in a meeting, or unavailable, on leave, will be in tomorrow etc' I was only going through SWIGA as to go to court without the arbitration process first reduces the possible success of the claim. I remember this being in the guidance notes prior to going to court. It is
  2. Also Regarding the Warranty on the work which was Insurance based and worth much less than the SWIGA cover which I was told I would have. Kingsway Claims also chased this up for me and the SWIGA cover was granted retrospectively. The irony of the was that in the documentation that Energycare Group sent to me was a document by and independent group claiming that as the SWIGA was a privately run company set up to provide the warranties, they could easily become liquidated and the warranty would disappear with them and that although the insurance backed warranty was worth very much less in c
  3. Yes, fortunately, the insurance broker, Buckingham Insurance who I purchased my house insurance policy were not happy with the response from AU Insurance and arranged for Kingsway Claims to act for me. Kingsway claims were very helpful and went after both AU Insurance and Energy Care Group. AU claims were very obstructive and we eventually got nowhere with them, much to my disappointment. I sent a copy of the photographs of the very poor work to Kingsway Claims, and they were appalled and agreed to pursue the case against Energy Care Group. Energy Care Group did respond to Kingsway
  4. Never had any written word from SWIGA, only recorded telephone conversation. Previous reply showa Wisecall key facts. Also are two pictures of how the damage to the front door occured, Around the door handle is abrasive motor. Energycare group (who I noticed are advertising on this site, still with SWIGA logo) said the front door was covered, more lies from them! My main aim is to recover the cost of a replacement door and broken tile. I have many more pictures of their appalling workmanship.
  5. Energycare group carried out much of the remedial work except for replacing the front door and broken window tile. A builder said further investigation would involve undoing the work they have done and if it was found to be ok then I am left with an even larger bill, advice given was to let the job settle and if future problems occured, claim of them or the insurance backed warranty. I was told by SWIGA that all proposed work had to be registered with them before work was carried out to comply for their warranty. (on one of the few occasions when I could get any reply out of them at all)
  6. Regarding the work done by Energycare Group. There was supposed to be a 'pull test' carried out by a separate company, this was never done. I was then told it would be ok and didn't need it. Later on the workers and supervisor refused to insulate toi the top of a wall because the bricks were not 'solid enough' As this defeated the object of having the wall insulated I got a friend to re-lay all the bricks at the top of the wall over a week-end. The bricks were pre drilled to take the verge trim that was to be fastened to it. The new brickwork was then just hammered into by the workman
  7. Energycare Group said their team would do the job of solid wall insulatio in 2 weeks or less. I constantly had to send them photographs of the faults which took them 5 months to complete. I am currently in dispute over the cost of replacing the damaged front door and a broken window tile (there is also damage to my extension lead which they said they will reimburse on a receipt of replacement). This amounts to £953.57. The damage to the door they are saying that I caused it by cleaning it! They also state they have a photo of the door without any damage, this is slight of hand as the d
  8. The policysold with the house insurance is called Wisecall Claims Assisstance 'Family Legal Protection' and was charged at an extra £15.90 in August 2013. The renewal was charged at £20 in Aug 2014 and is re-named 'Premier Family Legal Expenses Insurance'. This was purchased this year but after confirmation it was still only a nine month policy, it was cancelled within the first week. The underwriters for the policy have also changed as initially Wisecall told me to phone a different number which put me through to LIM Legal Insurance Management of Sheffield but then Wisecall phoned to say I
  9. Firstly, Had an 'ECO' grant towards the cost of solid wall insulation all taken care of by Energycare Group of Haynes. http://www.energycaregroupltd.co.uk/about Surveyor came and said it would take a 2 weeks or less in Nov 2013. Work was completed in March 2014 after 50 calls to them. I was told by the surveyor and installers there was a SWIGA (Solid Wall Installation Guarantee Agency). The quality of work was very poor and they had to come back numerous times and caused damage to the property. Due to sight problems in the winter light I relied on their super
  10. Regarding the Green Deal/ECO schemes and my last post about Energycare Group and SWIGA. After 3 months I have now found from Energycare that my Guarantee is through Kinnell. This means that the Guarantee is worth over £15,000 less than the SWIGA one, there is no option for the "Alternative Dispute Resolution" and there is no requirement for them to abide by the SWIGA code of conduct. I contacted Trading Standards and was told to sue for Breach of Contract as I had been told by the surveyor and on a couple more occasions when the work was being done that it was a SWIGA guarantee as on thei
  11. The guarantees offered by green deal providers is also very basic when it comes to cavity wall and solid wall insulation. I have problems with Energycare Group of Haynes in Bedfordshire, Very poor survey, appalling workmanship and damage to property. The correct procedure would be to go through SIGA and SWIGA who operate out of the same address. I tried this route and after phoning was tol to put the complaint in writing, which I did on 1st April. By the end of April they still couldn't confirm they had the complaint and was asked to send in ane-mail. Still no response, another e-mail and
  12. For Malc from EON, Along with the price increases that take effect from 18th Jan 2014, the new terms and conditions insist that I agree to my data being used for 'research' purposes and that this will be with 'organisations' outside the European Economic Area. What would a power supplier want to give personal data to anyone outside the EU. Perhaps you could elaborate on these 'organisations' and the sort of 'research' that my data will be used for?
  13. So sad to lose the selfless contributions made by Martin, my condolences to his family. A very good man.
  14. Yes in my opinion the treatment was/is appalling but I dont think I have anything to now claim for as the call barring is now reinstated. Consumer direct said 2 yars ago to either pay the money they were claiming I owed them and then go to court or go through otelo as I would not have to pay up front. There was also a separate issue of mis-selling. As I have accepted the findings of otelo who took approx a year to reach a full decision and also the credit which Post Office Phones say was applied to the account 19th Feb 10 but which their revenue management team say their system does/did
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