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  1. Hey all LL has admitted section 21 unenforcable but is still demanding 4 weeks notice. I have advised her this is illegal and breach of our contract however she will not take no for an answer!!! What a pain in the a$$ Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks will let you know how I get on. I am in breach of contract if I do change the locks?
  3. Thanks Planner I thought that the above might have been the case. I intend to reply with a formal email / letter advising the above. I will obviously look for new accomadation for 11/09 onwards. Do you think that is the best route?
  4. I have uploaded the complete contract and I can confirm that there are no other clauses I have edited my OP and it now includes a copy of the S21(b) It looks very un-professional Thanks - I thought that I was safe until 11/09 The way I inturpreted the break clause was that if during the first six months there was an issue either party could break the terms LL wants me to use the deposit as the last months rent. I assume LL hasn't got it! I would like to stay in the property so will drag it out as long as possible. Thanks for the advice
  5. Help Required!!!! I moved into the address in question November 2008. Took an assured shorthold tenancy agreement. I was under the impression that this was a binding contract for 1 year. Today my landlord has contacted me and that they are in financial difficulty and they are either 1) Giving the house back to the bank 2) Selling the house. They have served me with a section 21 notice. Please can someone explaint the legalities to me and advise me of what steps to take as I don't not want to move out from the property. I have attached a copy of my contract and also the section 21. Any advice appreciated. Thanks WILL UPLOAD CONTRACT AS SOON AS I CAN Please see below S21 (b)
  6. Thanks all I think I may have solved this one...... Interest is worked out daily so because the £2200 was in there for a short time it only qualified for 3 days interest!!!
  7. Hi All, Sorry if this is posted in the incorrect place A friend of mine has an A&L Easy ISA which he opened 01/09/08. He paid £200 into the account upon opening. He next paid in £2000 which cleared into the account 29/12/08, prior to the interest cut of date which is 1st January. Today he has subsequently checked the interest gained and can see a payment of £3.72 marked as "Gross Interest" He has done his calculations and determined that this would be an interest rate of 0.17% on the £2200. A&L have advised that he has a variable interest rate, which as of today is at 2% :mad: Does anyone know where this 0.17% has come from as he is under the impression he should have recieved at LEAST 2%. There have been NO withdrawals......... Please advise if the above is correct or if there have been any other issue similar to this. Regards Innocent
  8. We have company insurance for any damage caused on site
  9. Hello, Hope you can help. I am sure you can all remember "the day london came to a stop" because of the treacherous weather conditions. Anyway on that day I drove into work in my personal car, carried out duties and left early ( with permission ) as there were no customers and very few staff turned up. Whilst leaving work I collided with a company vehicle. The vehicle was parked on a blind bend in a precsrious position. I advised my manager of this and he advised me not to worry and he will get me a form to enable us to claim on the company insurance. Today I went into work and was told that I must claim on my personal insurance or pay £2000 out of my own pocket. When I disputed this I was told that if I didn't they will open a disaplinary and pursue me for Gross Misconduct. I requested a copy of the companies insurance and disaplinary documentation prior to our follow up meeting at 12pm today. After I requested this they advised me that they had postponed the meeting until further notice. Additional Info My company is located on private property although there is a company car park etc. The road was not gritted on the day in question however the company decided to grit the road the following day. Other accidents that have happened at work have not been charged to the person responsable the companies insurance has covered it. Any advice would be appreciated I am really worried. Thanks all
  10. My OH took out a Barclays Partner Loan should I request the CCA? This goes againist everything I stand for LOL
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