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  1. Just realised I'm using my partner's login as they were online earlier incase you are confused! Babymoll
  2. Thanks Andy and 42man. CPR letter and CCA letter going in post tomorrow. Should they both go to Cabot or their Solicitors who have indicated their address for sending docs on the claim form?
  3. Hi Monty, Any update to this thread? I have a similar case to you with John Lewis and Westcott have recently appeared out of the blue putting the pressure on. I also have found the 'Without Prejudice' letter and only received an application form with no prescribed terms in response to s78(1)request. Thanks, Sharmar
  4. Thanks again The Mould. Have got that letter off to them.Will update thread when I hear from them. Sharmar
  5. Hello Mould, Thankyou so much for responding. I agree that a firm letter to Nationwide is the way to go.I can't get over their actions! I've drafted a response if anyone get's a chance to read over it before I post it off,I'd really appreciate your opinions. Dear Sirs, Further to my letter of the 9th July 2010 when I requested the removal of unfair overdraft charges to my Nationwide Flex account and your subsequent response on the XX July stating that the unlawful charges were to be removed, I am horrified to see that a Default has been a
  6. Great news Pigland! Delighted for you! Sharmar:-D:-)
  7. Hi everyone, I sent Nationwide a letter in June about unfair unauthorised overdraft charges to a current account which amounted to almost £220. I received a letter back stating that they would remove the charges on this occasion which they duly did. But I am now horrified on checking my Experian report, to see they have defaulted me for another £20 charge on the same account. The account has not been used for well over a year and I never even received a default notice. I can only assume that there was another charge pending in the pipeline for the previous charges.
  8. LB145-So Sorry to hear of this result! Hoping you can appeal this! Keep the faith!
  9. Hi NTTF, Delighted for you! All the very best for round 2!
  10. Brilliant stuff Diddy! Delighted your efforts paid off at round one!
  11. I presume she should send this to all the Credit ref agencies? Does anyone have the contact details all these Credit agencies?
  12. Hi all, I submitted an embarrassed defence as BOS failed to respond to my CPR request on time. They have now responded with everything apart from the DN-they sent a blank template(a copy of the style of DN) as Default Notices are not retained by the bank. They also go onto say that it was posted 1st Class and therefore no proof of postage will be available to the Bank I have the original DN however, which clearly does not give enough time to remedy so should I be amending my defence or doing something else? Thanks;)
  13. Hi All, Can anyone tell me the procedure for filing an Amended Defence? Thanks Sharmar
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