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  1. Hi DX, why wouldn't I? What about the money they say I owe and confirming the drop off location..?
  2. Thanks theoldrouge. I need to respond, can someone help put it together. Also how can they accept I owe nothing then tell me I owe them £15.... or am I being thick..
  3. Hi DX thanks for your reply explanations below: _|0 = £0 283.32 267.58 15.74 is what I am supposed to owe them.
  4. i have received a response today by email, (only posted the letter on Friday). edited response below. could you please advise if what they are saying is correct? "Please read the full contents of this email carefully. Further to your recent enquiry regarding the voluntary termination of your above numbered agreement, please find below important information outlining the required arrangements. Upon termination of the above agreement you will need to pay: 1. The outstanding arrears on your account (applicable if already paid 50% of the total amount payable) = 」0
  5. Thanks DX100UK. I have modified the letter and will post today. could you or another confirm the following points please., 1: Will i have to pay the next instalment due mid February 2: As i paid for the GAP insurance will any refund be due? Thanks
  6. Hi All, I have just received a large tax bill and i need to free up some finances to make a payment arrangement with the beloved HMRC my Hire Purchase Agreement was started in January 2015 on a 42 month agreement and i did opt for the GAP policy. can you please confirm if i can Voluntary Terminate the agreement and if so how. i did have arrears but these have been cleared and everything is now up to date. Thanks in advance.
  7. I believe it is to do with the AoE as it is dated the same (both 17/12) would you agree?
  8. it's hard to give you all of the facts when I am not in possession of them myself....
  9. Hi Andy, thanks for replying. We accept the debt, so will be filling in the form. from your replies I take it there is no way of getting an extension whilst we seek professional advice?
  10. it was due to be filed on 25/12 notice is dated 17/12. (also point of confusion is a letter "notice of transfer of proceedings" also dated 17/12 from Northampton CCBC. how can this be transferred and form issued on the same day? un defended credit card debt
  11. Hi, My wife has told me she received a N55 form(attachment of earnings order). I have discussed this with her and I believe we need to seek professional debt advice. is there a way of delaying the due date (received before Christmas) so we can get advice? also where is the best place to go for impartial advice and help...? Thx
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