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  1. Hi When we entered into the IVA last November practitioner advised against including it in the IVA as the arrears amounted to about one payment. It was only when our car needed two new tires and a wheel bearing replaced to get it through the MOT, I canceled the DD so I could keep the car on the road for work. Not the best plan I know but when you're faced with a bill for 475.00 you have to pay immediately the money has to come from somewhere! Thanks Squidward
  2. Thanks Will call the baliffs and make a written formal complaint to the council on Monday! The second Bailiff I unfortunately let in isn't on the Register of Bailiffs so does this mean she was working out of the scope of her abilities / job role ? Cheers Squidward
  3. I dont' dispute I owe the Ctax, but object to the extortionate charges. On both occasions I signed a Walking Possession, the first account no paper work was left or sent by post. The second account Paper work was left with me with the charges hand written on the Paper work. Squidward
  4. Hi All I hope you can help me A couple of years ago I ran into debt problems with City of York Ctax all was paid up to date 2009. 2010 paid the fist couple of payments and then due to income issues couldn't make payment and the account went into arrears. On the 6th June the Jacobs bailiff visited my home (first visit) to collect 663.33 + 50.00 costs and I let the chap in and made agreement to pay by installments lump sum of 338.00 paid and 65.00 till paid, no paperwork was left by the Bailiff so I was unsure which date this had to be paid by. I received a letter dated 19th
  5. Thank you all very much for the help and support you guys have given me over the past year, Cit B, GH2008, emandcole, DiddyDicky, Steven 4064 and Bazooka Boo. Without your help and pointers I feel sure AG would have got Judgment and Charging order. it's now included in the IVA. so nothing they can do now. Thanks again Squidward
  6. Update - IVA Accepted with nice manageable payment for 5 years, the IVA and defaults should drop of in 6 years then home free!
  7. Hi All Well there has been a change in tactics since my last post on our part! Between my wife and I we have around 80K in debt with all except MBNA and Monument having enforceable agreements. We have decided to go down the IVA route as this puts us in a better financial situation with more money to live on and should see the end of our debts in 5 years with a dividend to our creditors of around 0.24 pence in the pound and once approved "no creditor contact " Bliss - well hopefully! I was advised by our IP ( insolvency Practitioner) to inform the court that she would be p
  8. Righto - SJ looks like the way to go, do I do this using a N244 and ask the DJ for Summary Judgement and costs awarded to me ? Squidward
  9. Hi Gh et al So - if I applied for this to be struck out or set aside using an N244 could they come back at a later date and start the start agian ? With SJ (Summary Judgement) that would stop them being able to take this back to court at a later date ... I think I am understanding this ..? Squidward
  10. UPDATE Today I have received a note from the court with the judges comment " If the Defendant wishes to enforce the order he must make whatever application he considers appropriate" So I guess it time to make an order to get this struck out ... Squidward
  11. Hi Dotty I'm pretty sure the CFS are part of Compucredit so I think my Debt is still in house - which is why I find it strange that they can Default the creditor and move the debt to a different part of the organisation and then mark it as satisfied !! it's like saying "thanks for paying up" Are they allowed to assign the debt to themselves?
  12. Hi well I haven't posted for a while so I thought I would update - Circuit haven't received any money since august and have not been in contact either by Letter or phone - I have just checked my credit file and find the the debt has been marked " satisfied" Is this it - l'm hoping so or is it the calm before the storm! Squidward
  13. Hi GH and Emandcole et al Judge made a General Directions order (GRO) which is a revision of dates to 18th for AG to supply the doc's and 1st November for me to file my defence. AG did not comply with the order. I spoke to the court and asked the Helpdesk if AG had supplied the docs to the court - which they hadn't, I was told not to file a N244 but to send a letter explaining that I couldn't file my defence as AG had not complied with the judges order and referred back to my earlier request to have the claim SO as they hadn't supplied the docs. The docs have been requested on four sepa
  14. OK - Judge awarded extra time to AG to submit to me the Docs by the new date of 18/10 still nothing .... Gh DD CitB do you think I should ask the court for a strike out or go for the embarrassed defence? any other suggestions guys!
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