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  1. well went to my apportionment, sat there for nearly 2 hours to see the woman for about ten mins, ive got to call in 2 week time just to keep them updated on my situation and see if they have received that i am no longer getting jsa
  2. yes i said that to them, if i do sign off before the appointment, would i have to still go, they said yes because they wont have the change in circumstances thing
  3. well just called the work program provider, i have still have to go in even though ive signed off before the appointment they have to receive the change in circumstances how long does that take to happen or am i better signing off today
  4. i am on the work programme, but i am changing to carers allowance, which starts on the 26th of this month, i know the last day off my claim will be the Sunday, but i just go and sign off on Friday but i have a work programme appointment, would i still have to go to this
  5. changed the advert but still using this scheme, tk maxx has pulled out as of tonight
  6. yip these work experience schemes have conditions, say you say no at the first time your mandated to go on it, your tune it down no money for three months, do it again for a second time no money for 6 months, do it for a third time 3 years
  7. they are back tracking saying it was a mistake, it should have been work experience with a guaranteed interviews, but still for jsa and expenses, they also said in the last few months they have used 1400 people through this scheme but took on 300 people
  8. DWP pay the bus fares or what he expenses are, tesco dont pay nothing
  9. im not sure the hours but they say 30 hours a week under this scheme so if your under 25 its 53.45 a week so its 1.78 an hour over 25 67.50 a week 2.25 an hour, plus bus fares
  10. have you seen the story about tesco advertising a night shift job for jsa + expenses, now they are back tracking saying it was a DWP error is it not time for al these businesses to pull out of the scheme
  11. i just think this scheme is a total [problem], who in there right mind would want to work for a couple of quid an hour in this day and age in the uk, if when ever when at the work programme provider asks me about going on a placement i will be asking to prove to me, if i have any employment rights, i am covered under health and safety laws and am i covered by the companies i am at liable insurance, but if for some reason i went back to the place, ive worked at previously doing a placement, it would cost me more than a weeks benefit to get there
  12. i rad that when going for the security course and pass, but you only get the licence when you get a job through igneous
  13. what do you make of this, even though there is a couple of court cases going against this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2083871/Work-dole-Jobless-work-free-risk-losing-benefits-years.html
  14. i have been reading about this, and its being challenged in court, wonder if this will work for the 4 to 8 work experience which is in the work programme, and the CAP which will be used for all in 2013 but getting trailed in 4 places in England from this year
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