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  1. After joining this site last wk i decided to email sam higginson and explain the situation, luckily i got a reply the following day and said he said that it will take 7 to 10 working days to get the authorisation from head office to give me a full refund. I am now counting down the days to that time is up and if i dont hear from anybody then plan B will take place. At least some of us now seem to be able to contact them and actually speak to someone(even if it does take 40+ phone calls!!). I will keep you all updated as to if and when i get anywhere. Good luck to the rest of you
  2. i have recently applied for a loan and told them i did not have the money in my account until 3days after the actual call. almost over a wk later the money was taken from my account. this was only last wk. i was told over the phone i would recieve a phone call once the money was taken, but as u can imagine, i'm STILL waiting!! i have put into google, Tlg loans, jus as it appears on my bank statement, and i found this website. so i'm now takin it as they are con artists, considering there are so many different names that actually stand for 'TLG'. I am so annoyed that this happened, but i have g
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