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  1. Can someone please explain why Sky TV are now charging me for not having my SKY Box connected to the phoneline? My normal monthly subscription for the services I receive from Sky are £58.00 but as my BT phone is now not connected SKY are charging an extra £30 making a total new monthly bill of £88.00!! I only have Satalite TV service from sky nothing else! Is it legal to charge me £30 a month for NOT having a live phone line in my house???? Pezz
  2. Hi....They are real Bailiffs because I phoned Tameside Revenues Division, Exchequer and Support Services, Council Offices, and spoke to the guy in charge of the dept, who confirmed they have the car and intend to sell it if I don't pay at least £5000 by next week!
  3. I had made arrangements with them over 12 months ago to pay £100 per month which i was doing until I missed two payments.
  4. They did'nt even knock on my door to tell me they just clamped it on my drive while the waited for a tow truck and then 'AFTER' the loaded it they just gave me 'Removal of Goods Notice'.... No notice of siezure or form 9 expenses form.....The toal amount they say I owe is £8900.....!
  5. 4 Bailiffs seized my car while it was parked in my driveway for unpaid council tax. They told me it will be sold at action within 7 days unless I give them £5000 in CASH right away! I am beside myself with worry....do I have ANY RIGHTS? ANY ADVICE WOULD BE APPRECIATED! Pezz
  6. Thanks 'srfrench' for clarifying some of those complicated matters! It is much appreciated. Pezz1753
  7. Having recently made another request to Barclays for the return of my Bank Charges based o the 'New Arguments Letter template' I today recieved this reply from Barclays. Unfortunately it is far to legal and technical for a layperson like me to understand but I get the general 'gist' that this new argument has not stood well!....Can someone please decypher this letter for me? http://i1002.photobucket.com/albums/af148/pezz_01/BarclaysChargesreply2010.jpg http://i1002.photobucket.com/albums/af148/pezz_01/Barclayschargesreply2010page2098.jpg
  8. Can someone please advise with regards to DWP phoning my 76 year old father (I gave his BT number only as a contact number if they could'nt reach me on my mobile). However they phoned on Weds and instead of just leaving a contact number for me to get in touch, this indiviual started barating my elderly father about my current circumstances and telling him that unless I called at their office by 9am the next day they would 'STOP' my current housing benefit, council tax benefit and Job Seekers allowance!... My father did'nt even know I'd lost my job 8 weeks ago! I did'nt tell him becau
  9. So!.... If that Mobile company or thier representative could not supply me with a copy of the original signed and dated executed agreement, then I could (as with a lot of credit agreements) question wether an agreement actually exists or has existed?
  10. Can someone please explain the difference between a mobile phone 'Service Agreement' and a 'Credit Agreement'? Surely they both have to be signed and dated by the person taking out the service/credit and therefore copies of these signed/dated documents must be available if asked for with a (S.A.R.) to prove a mobile phone account for that individual actually existed:???:
  11. Thanks 'NailPost' and to all other cagers who advised, I very much appreciate all of your help;) Pezz1753
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