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  1. Council have just rang me, I'm having to pay the bailiffs for this years, at £50 a month first payment due when my husband gets paid on 24th, and have made an arrangement to pay £50 a fortnight for this years. I have to ring the bailiffs tomorrow after 2.30 as the bailiff is returning my file to his office and the council have spoken with them and organised everything. (i did ask the lady from council if they would be OK with me on the phone and she said yes my circumstances have been explained and they know not to cause me distress) My first payment to them will be just under £40 then £50 a month... being able to spread this years over a fortnight will make it easier as I'm paid mid month from my hubby, so they aren't getting it all from his wage and leaving us more broke than we already are. I think its reasonable, they did want £160 a month for this years but theres no way i could afford that and said £100 a month at a push, when i asked to split it to 50 a fortnight they were ok with that. The extra bit outstanding I can make up as I can. Thank you for the advice greatly appreciated and hopefully I can get on top of this now.
  2. I've asked them in the email why my husband hasn't been allowed to deal with this and that he has offered to have his earnings attached (not that its any use as the liability order is in my name) I have also asked why for 8yrs I've been held solely liable and only this year suddenly his name has appeared on the bill. I've also requested that the council allow me to come to an arrangement with them. Explained to them if they take my old bus I will become a prisoner in my own home, again and lose my job. I've offered to pay them an amount when my husband is paid a week on friday, as until then we haven't a penny to our names. i've also told them I am willing to be in court on the 22nd to lay out my finances to the judge for this years liability order. Waiting for them to get intoch now. (Did try to ring but after 15minutes ina queue i gave up)
  3. I'm just in the queue to family tax credit to see if I can make a new claim. They are sending me a claim form...so thats started. I've fired off an email to the council - It's warrington borough council and the bailiffs are Bristow and Suter. I need to go into the council and speak to them but want them to have read the email first as I'm not very good face to face (I suffer panic attacks, which they know) I agree on the logic although we all know most places these days haven't a clue about logic! The council have insisted for 8 yrs that I'm a Ms and am soley liable for my council tax, (refusing to allow my husband to deal with it) yet they know I'm married and have only this year stuck my husbands name on the bill.
  4. Thank you I'll be speaking to the council tomorrow morning. there is only 1 liability order at present, another is due on the 22nd for this years council tax. When i went to one of the possession hearings beginning of the year, the gent from CAB that helped me, took all our details and looked into what benefits we may be entitled to and said we weren't eligable, my family tax credit was stopped 2 yrs ago as my husband earnt about £500 more than he should have and they wanted £500 back as an overpayment. I never bothered to renew knowing I'd get nothing. Thank you for the link to the site, I will have a look through it, I've just put hubbies last years earnings thru and sods law it says we are entitled to £48 per week family tax, which is what we were getting before they said we were'nt entitled - Family tax credit has always boggled my brain! Will phone them tomorrow and put in a new claim and see what happens.
  5. I need a little bit of advice. I'm not sure what to do next. Long story short, we have been struggling finacially for some time now. We aren't entitled to any benefits as my husbands take home pay falls just above the limits. this year we have managed to stop three repossession attempts on our home, and I have managed to get a little part time job to try and keep us afloat. We are struggling but surviving, but some things just don't get paid as there is just not the money to pay them. the council tax from last year is ona liability order and I'm due to go to court on the 22nd to try and organise some form of payments for this years. I offered to pay £50 a month on last years, but due to a drop in my husbands wages and it actually costing me half of my meagre wage just to get to and from my job we just haven't been able to afford it. This afternoon I found a notice of seizure of goods in my letterbox, the bailiffs has levied against my 20yr old mpv that isn't worth scrap value as it was a cat c write off, and is noted as such on it's V5 but without it I can't get to work. I have 5 days to pay £700 plus £112 in fee's (my sense of humour didn't fail me when i noticed that the bailiff couldn't add up and thinks his 3 sets of fees plus amount owed comes to £788.50 so I had asmall chuckle) otherwise I'm not sure what to do. The old bus certainly isn't worth the amount stated plus removal fees/auction fees etc. And I have no goods in my house what we have are neccesities, we have nothing of any worth, even this pc is over 5yrs old and on its last legs. I feel like I'm being intimidated into paying, however I don't have the money to pay, I can make a realistic offer to the council but I know what will happen, even though the council consider me vulnerable they will refuse to deal and tell me I have to negotiate with the bailiffs, they will want an amount that there is no way on earth i can afford. Can anyone please advise?
  6. Do I do that via a letter to the court? or can i use the defense papers the court issued? sorry.
  7. Quick question, received letter this morning from Eversheds they have asked the court for an adjournment with liberty to restore. However they have asked me to confirm to the court that this is OK? Now as there are no arrears and it's paid totally upto date, can i ask for this to be dismissed?
  8. Hi just catching up. Paid off the Arrears yesterday and court case stopped. (Waiting for letter of confirmation and because I honestly do not trust them, I will be contacting the court to make sure) I'm going to be sending them an SAR as I need to work out exactly what they have been playing at. Company is Mortgages1 or plc or whatever they are calling themselves at the minute. Until I get that and a full statement of account I don't know whats gone on. On a side note (just been speaking to Kensington (secured loan) asked for a full statement of account (they are next on my hit list!) They said for that I would be charged £20!! Me thinks they will be getting SAR'd too! Will update soon as I know more because right now I'm befuddled.com
  9. I have to reply to this. because this is a scenario I envisaged and pointed out to my hubby a couple of months ago when they put my interest rate up. i made sure I asked when i made my monthly payment if it had been adjusted for the added interest, and I was told 'Yes, it has been that's done automatically' I just had a funny feeling they'd try and pull that on me, so I called them out on it.... If i hadn't I'd be in the same position for 30p You really need to put in an official complaint to kensington
  10. Thanks - They have already started proceedings so that amount will be added I understand that - even though they haven't stated any amount as yet to be added. The mortgage has been on interest only since Jan 11 as it's not a huge mortgage, but there's PPI that we have never seen paperwork for and buildings insurance again never seen paperwork for. I've phoned and emailed the solicitors that dealt with this, over a week ago and they have so far not replied or returned my call. The mortgage company have no record of PPI (so say the call-centre) however the amount stated as the amount of advance and the amount we received is different, so there's something been paid for. I'm about to write a letter and an email, offering to settle the arrears and then set up a standing order for CMI plus an amount we can afford. Should I send this to the mortgage company or eversheds (solicitors) that have sent repossion paperwork?
  11. They are claiming arrears of £1668.... there are no charges listed on the statement of account - How would I find out the amount of charges levelled against the account? Would I need to SAR them? I was paying the CMI We are in a position to pay off the arrears, and then look at how much they've levied in charges? would this be a way forward?
  12. Hi, can someone tell me please is it OK for a mortgage company to take an arrears fee out of the regular monthly agreed payment? My mortgage company are taking me to court for possession, yet I have been paying my mortgage payments religiously - only to be told by a snotty call centre person that I haven't as they have been deducting £50 per month out of my £100 Interest only monthly payment. How can this be right? is it right? What can I do about it if it's wrong? Thanks
  13. deleted post - old thread sorry.
  14. I have totally had it to my back teeth with AK - almost 4 yrs of constant phone calls and half a forest dropping through my letterbox weekly. The nitty gritty: Debts if they even exist older than 11 years some almost 20 yrs old - All no matter what Statute Barred. AK have ignored my letters, ignored my local trading standards (when I was last pro active about it 3yrs ago) Since then Ive just ignored them and filed the letters, and blocked their telephone numbers. Various other DCA's have been assigned to try and collect and all have been ignored, and have fallen by the wayside. Despite their threats, I still have my doorstep! No collector has braved my garden path. I have at the last count 80 plus letters for I think 5 accounts but I am honestly not sure as the amounts vary from one DCA to the next and reference numbers are changed and confusing, because they have been passed around so much. Would my first step be to send an SAR? Any help would be appreciated as I have totally had enough of them now. The phone calls have now started again to the tune of 4 a day and thats just when i'm in. And I am not wasting my money on call blocking when AK have enough numbers to fill up BTs blocked call list in one foul swoop!
  15. They've had that one, and trading standards have told them the same, they've chosen to ignore it along with 3 CCA requests.
  16. Last payment 12 years ish ago, put in a claim on the PPI on my cards, presumed as I heard nada after that they were all done and dusted, then 3 years ago AK crawled out the woodwork
  17. My advise would be to pay it, there's no arguing with the VAT man, he is always right even when he is wrong! Far easier to pay it and be done with it.
  18. Popped in today for a bit of advice. My collection of aktiv kapital letters grows bigger by the year, and in truth am getting totally and utterly sick of them now. I've had trading standards on the case and they have done nothing apart from the fact the morons no longer ring me at all hours of the day (maybe thats because I blocked all their phone numbers who knows!) Anyways they now have not one but 2 other 'agents' trying to collect and I want to stop this dead in it's tracks it's been fun but the jokes gone on a bit too long. I need a letter to basically tell them to go snorkel, but which one? I owe them diddly squat the amounts they are trying to extract out of me if they even exist are from credit cards I held over 12 years ago. I really would just like to save a tree here, I'm pretty sure they are contributing to deforestation....
  19. GoDebt tried this with me back in 2009 early 2010 I saw it through right to court, I put my defense in on the latest day I could. I turned up at court they didn't, judge awarded me costs, they tried to weedle out of it, judge made them pay up. Drop me an IM I can give you some interesting snippets about these muppets.
  20. They have until wednesday as per the judgement, should I give them 7 days as a courtosy?
  21. Do they have a CCJ for this 'Fine' and was it a court 'Fine'?? This seems really odd to me
  22. I sent nothing as I was told to take them with me and present them to the judge, I forgot to take them and simply mentioned this fact to the judge and he asked what I would have been seeking. He halfed it and said thats reasonable and awarded them. I asked if I need to do anything and he said No it's ok.
  23. We actually thought they might try and get out of it. How do I move forward? obviously a letter to the court, I have no clue how to word it? I am in the firm belief that they had no plans of ever going to court, whether I put in a set aside or not.
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