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  1. Hello again, i now have completed my spreadsheet,thanks for the template . I have listed a few charges but am unsure whether these would be classed as unfair /unlawful! Default notice charges ? Calling in notice ? Instructions to solicitors ? Legal fees ? Solicitors interim fees ? We never went to court as managed to pay arrears just in the nick of time so action was stopped ! Also i have found template letters but am really unsure of which one i should use when requesting repayment of fees. As always any advice appreciated .
  2. Oh and thank you conniff for moving me to the right place.
  3. Thank you. Thank u for the war link . I am about to get to it. Watch this space as I am likely to be back for more help.
  4. No don't have up to date statement of account.?
  5. Hi,not sure about the contents of the letter I need to send when requesting Sar. Have looked butt feel like I am going round in circles! Also still unsure about what counts as unfair charges ???
  6. Hi, having read through many posts I have decided to try and reclaim charges from ge money. The loan is paid off but we have nearly 2300 in charges to pay . .they have become less aggressive since the loan amount was paid off but are constantly ringing at the moment. They have asked us to fill in an I.e form but as of yet I have refused. My real question is where to start and then what to do next? What charges I can claim, we have avoided repossession 3 times, and those that I can"t ? Any help would be gratefully received,big thanks in advance.
  7. Help , please stiill saying that they will take me to court and get a charge on my husbands house ! Are they bluffing or can they do this ?. please am at the end of my tether ...
  8. Hi, can anyone help? My house was repossessed March 2000 and DMS are now threating to take me to court for £22,000 (interest and shortfall) At the time that the Order for possession was passed the court adjudged that the defendent pay the claimant £ 73,247.40 which was the amount currently outstanding on the mortgage,giving the defendents(myself & ex)liberty to apply in the event that the claimants fail to instigate their loss by selling the property for less than £70,000 currently offered by the ,then, prospective purchases. Needless to say ,the house was sold for less than the £
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