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  1. Sounds like a sensible approach. I think I'll follow that approach, unless I receive any claim forms. Thanks for the advice.
  2. I just thought with it now being statute barred, they may stop chasing it. Also to avoid any potential legal action. So do you suggest I should just continue to ignore any DCA's? I have several accounts that have all now gone beyond 6 years of acknowledgment. So I'd be taking the same approach with them too.
  3. dx100uk - The account in question is actually a credit card account, which now seems to be owned by 1st Credit as they are named on my credit report. I did receive a Default Notice from Halifax in May 2009 which I believe was served incorrectly. This was not followed up by an official termination of the agreement, but a letter shortly after did state that the agreement would be terminated. Bankfodder - I agree the last unpaid date (Dec 2009) should be when the 6 year period commenced. Thanks guys.
  4. I have recently replied in writing to a payment request from 1st Credit on a Halifax account that has been in dispute since December 2008. The last payment that was made on this account was November 2008. I therefore sent the statute barred letter from the letter template section of this site. I have just received a repsonse letter from 1st Credit which reads as follows... Dear Mr ...... ...We understand you consider the above account to be statute barred under section 5 of the Limitation Act 1980. An action founded on a simple contract shall not be broug
  5. Thanks for confirming that DX, I thought that was the case. I needed to be sure though.
  6. Thanks, yes I understand the original Defaults drop of after 6 years, but my credit file is being updated every month. Do these drop of after the the 6 years elapses as well? Every month shows a "D" for Default at the moment. I'm worried they will stay on for a further 6 years after they stop updating my file, if they actually do stop! If it all disapears after the after the original 6 years is up I'll be happy.
  7. Hi, Can anyone give me some advice please? I have a number of accounts that have been in dispute for 5 years now and will become statue barred by this time next year. The problem is all the companies (banks/DCA's) have continued to add defaults to my credit report every single month! Some have not provided CCA's and other have served faulty Default Notices. Hopefully I'll make it through the next year without any court action. In my original Account Dispute letters I stated they must not add defaults. Are they allowed to continue to add these defaults forever?
  8. Sorry, should have asked if by selling the account MBNA have terminated without proper DN, therefore the account is now unenforceable?
  9. I see! Yes you are correct, I've just noticed the new DCA on my Credit Report! Arrow Global Ltd now own it and updated my file in Feb 12. Does this change any with the Default Notice and Termination situation?
  10. Its been a while since I last posted as I have not needed much advice or support over the 18 months. I get the occasional threatening letter but seen it all before. However I was very suprised when I checked my Credit File today and found that MBNA updated my credit file with my account as being Settled in Jan 2012. My file now shows a Default / Delinquant Balance of the original defaulted, approx £4.5k. The current balance shows as £0.00 (ZERO!). All missed payments have also been removed, with exception of one defualt on July 2009! This is very strange! Has anyone else witness thi
  11. Thanks BankFodder, I'll respond accordingly. I had better do it online as the 14 days is almost up!
  12. Hi, I can curently post the form itself but can post the particulars of the claim and any other details required. The issue date is 20th May 2011 from Northampton County Court. Claimant: TD Waterhouse Investor Defendent: Mr X Particulars of Claim: At all material times the Claimant was a member of the London Stock Exchange, offering execution only stockbroker services and the Defendent was a client of the Claimant. The defendant opened an account with the claimant, numbered ***** and agreed to be bound by the claimants terms and conditions of contract. Following instruction
  13. I have recieved a N1CPC claim form from TD Waterhouse as I owed them around £400 after falling into arrears on a share dealing account which offers the use of a credit facility. Although I have ignored a few letters asking for settlement I have always intended on paying the monies back. I wish I had offered to pay so much per month before they issued me with a court claim. Mainly as they have adeed a furhter £200 on the total amount for interest 15% above the BOE base rate, collection costs and court fee's. My question is...do I answer the claim and just pay up as and when I can or are these e
  14. Thanks , I was really worried until you cleared that up for me.
  15. Thanks, If I was to go back I would have just bit the bullet and filed for bankcruptcy. However I feel more comfortable with the path I have chosen now I have got through the first year of constant hassle of threats. I have learnt to take them with a pinch of salt and respond to them in writing only when I feel it necessary. You say they have not actioned the SD in time, what is this timeframe they have to stick to? Is it worth writing to them to dispute the debt and update them on my current address? or just sit tight and see what their next step is? Thanks again.
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