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  1. Thanks for your reply BF. Apparently they insisted that the money had to be paid after they had measured up but before the cutting of the granite. That would have been against my better judgement but they said this was normal practice. Yes supplier was also installer. Installed on 31st May (2019).
  2. Hi everyone. I’m trying to get some information on behalf of my partner’s dad. He recently purchased some granite worktops from a company and he is less than satisfied with them after installation. He is a (now retired) time served bricklayer and has years of experience using a spirit level. He took great care to ensure that his kitchen units were perfectly level as well as the extra timber supports he has added. The granite company in question came to his house and measured. They had laser equipment and formed a template. They told him that they would try to cut out the hole for the hob with
  3. I'd rather not contact them or the DCA if I can avoid it as I'd be confirming my whereabouts.
  4. Thanks UB If the DCA (in this case CIS) was acting on behalf of the Halifax rather than buying the debt would that make any difference?
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Apologies to the OP for jumping on the thread. I will vacate it now. Thanks.
  6. Sorry I'm confused by the above Dx I meant was that website a [email protected] ?
  7. Thanks for your reply dx. where does that leave me if I have letters showing monies paid and advising that my liability has been met etc? in fact where does that leave anyone who has paid a debt collector claiming to be collecting on behalf of the OC? If CIS were purporting to be acting on behalf of Halifax as an agent and they haven't paid them do I have any redress?
  8. In that case-is this a [problem] as it claims they buy debts...? [website removed] - dx
  9. Hi dx100uk long time no "speak" . I hope you are well. As per first post above, the original company dealing with it claimed to be acting on behalf of the lender. Drydens got bored when I ignored their threatograms. The original DCA were called "Counselling Intermediary Services" and based in Bournemouth, Dorset. I still have the letter advising that my liability was settled.
  10. Hello all. Having just read this thread to refresh my memory, I realise that I never followed up on the above with regard to posting the letters. I have, unbelievably, received a letter from another DCA which I suspect is a fishing letter for the above. Surely, having paid nothing since the "full and final settlement" letter in March 2005, they cannot legally claim that I am liable?
  11. Thanks for the reply dx. I managed to find my annual statements from the credit provider. I am now awaiting a final decision from the FOS
  12. As far as I'm aware the training centre is in Leeds LS12. I'm talking about the Mercure Parkway Hotel near Golden Acre Park between Adel & Bramhope.
  13. This is really winding me up. Most mornings on my way to work I pass a "Mercure Hotel" on the outskirts of Leeds (formally the Parkway Hotel near Lawnswood/Bramhope). Very frequently now I am seeing the car park almost full of British Gas vans. This isn't just a one off this is almost every time I pass by and early mornings indicating that they are probably having some kind of knees up followed by an overnight stay. This is while people continue to struggle to pay their bills and god knows how many pensioners will perish again this winter. This is not just happening at one hotel eithe
  14. Post #65 has the title of the new post #78 but should be part of the unfair warranty terms thread
  15. I really don't know what has happened here there are at least 3 different threads merged into one. You can see by the titles on each post!???
  16. Thanks but this was posted as a new thread and is unrelated to the other part. Is there a way you can separate it please?
  17. Hi. This appears to be happening again. I've just posted a new thread and it's not showing up on my subscribed threads nor is it showing under new posts
  18. I contacted my credit card provider and requested a Section 75 claim form. The faulty item cost around £1700. £355 deposit paid by credit card, the rest on interest free finance offered in the shop. The item was sold with a 2 year manufacturers warranty. It failed before 20 months. There are no warranty terms on the manufacturers website. The retailer said he approached the manufacturer but he "had to do what they said" and they said they wanted over 300 euros for replacement parts as "this type of damage is not covered". In my opinion the product I was not fit fo
  19. Thanks for your advice all. Believe me I had already come to this conclusion but was just curious to know the facts.
  20. Ha no! I meant a template quoting the correct way to use SOGA ie the relevant sections. I will check out the which site thank you.
  21. Thanks. Could anyone point me in the direction of a suitable letter template which I could adapt to suit my circumstances, or at least a similar thread with a similar issue that was resolved? Thanks in advance.
  22. Thanks for your replies everyone. What are your views about the so called Bills of Exchanges Act 1882 and the suggestion that companies are breaking the law if they refuse payment by promissory notes? Is there any documented case law to back up their claims?
  23. Thank you all. What are your opinions about their claims that debts are immediately paid when the bank receives ones signature and that the signature is what generates the 'money'. They suggest that the financial institutions suffer no losses as they do not or are not permitted to use their own or their customers' funds?? To be honest I don't have a clue how the banks work or where the money comes from but what do they mean about full disclosure of accounting?
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