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  1. I'm confused and happy! Happy because today I had a letter from Egg Loans today agreeing a PPI award of £4457, cancelling the £2025 debt owed and a nice cheque for £1957.99 which will go a long way toward clearing my overdraft and credit card. Confused because of the charges they applied. Could somebody please visit my thread in the Egg section and advise me please? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?188382-Egg-Loan-and-Me-(hello!)/page2
  2. Things are looking up!!! Today Egg sent me a letter saying they agreed with my PPI complaint! I don't quite get their logic with the refund they sent though. Total compensation £4457.87 (see below) Amount owed £2025 Refund cheque £1957.99 Award calculation Total PPI premium £2918.90 Interest on premiums paid £463.19 Plus 8% interest £1075.78 They have withheld £474.88 to "put my loan in the position it would have been had I not taken PPI". What is this, is it allowed and why? This also brings up another issue. While Egg were deciding this the debt was handed t
  3. Just had a good friendly chat with the RMA Arrow people and sorted out the repayments with my bank. That was the easy bit. This is where it gets interesting.... In Feb 2011 the annual statement said I owed £2425. I am repaying £100 per month so I think I now owe £2025. RMA think it would be £2325. When I queried this RMA suggested I contact Egg via a phone number that proved to be out of service. They acknowledged this when I called them back and said they'd put the account into dispute but I should continue making repayments. I wonder if Egg gave RMA the most up-to-date set of ac
  4. Holy thread revival Batman! Back in February 2011 I sent a general letter to Egg requesting repayment of PPI on the grounds of mis-selling, they replied confirming their reciept of the letter and that they were investigating. In March I got the '4 weeks and still investigating' letter, in April I got the '8 weeks and still investigating, you can tell the Ombudsman' letter. Thought I'd give them a little while longer and then forgot about it all with work and other stuff. I guess that I should have done an SAR first but I'm not good with all that legal stuff. Last week I learnt of t
  5. Had official meeting with manager and HR rep who took notes, the official reason for this meeting was that this was the 4th time I've been off in the last year. This is silly season at work, managers appear to have very little to do and this time of year is when most people start hitting their 3+ sickness absences. I counted 5 other people being investigated or disciplined this last month. Went thru reasons for each absence as they didn't have the previous forms to hand, wonder why we bother filling them in? Decision was made to award me the sick pay as the manager now believes I was
  6. I found my contract which says what I thought, I am entitled to Company Sick Pay 'at the managers discretion'. Nothing about taking it to pay someone else overtime. Had a chat with HR about what happened and am having a talk this week with another manager regarding sick leave as this is my 4th occasion in the last 12 months (standard practice, apparently). If that goes nowhere I am getting copies of that WB form and the company sick policy and filing a grievance. Certainly don't think management should withhold my sickpay without talking to me or having read the forms first.
  7. I recently had to take 2 days off work due to a bad cold and sore throat. I called in sick on both days as required and when I returned my teamleader went through the 'Welcome Back' form with me. The last section for 'Payment for sick leave' had already been completed by our manager with the reason 'Pay not approved, had to pay overtime to other staff'. Without immediate access to my contract I'm thinking this is wrong, that it is down to the company to pay staff and not for it to be taken from me for being ill. Can anyone say if this is illegal off the bat before I get home to dig o
  8. Lady I work with was picked up after work late at night by her son in his car. To do this he pulled into a coach only parking bay for less than 2 minutes. Two days later Lambeth sent him a PCN with photo evidence which could only have been done from an unmarked car. She also said the picture was rubbish quality cos of a branch blocking views of the drivers seat. Tonight I saw the car again parked in the middle of said "coach only" bay presumably quietly catching people out. It's a silver Smart car with a roof mounted camera, looks like it has a large baked bean tin on top. I thought
  9. I hate to break the bad news..... but it's an old wives tale, literally! snopes.com: Neiman-Marcus Cookie Bet the cookies taste good though!
  10. Just to clarify matters here, we work an 8 hour day with 2 shifts per day. In that time we get a 1 hour lunch break. For example next month we will start at 9am, have lunch 2-3pm and finish at 5pm OR start at 2pm, lunch 4-5pm and finish at 10pm. Each shift there is a block of 5 hours solid work potentially without a break and never more than 15 minutes which includes time to reach the staffroom.
  11. I work at a tourist attraction and recently there's been heated discussion in my department over the provision of toilet and rest breaks. Because each position has to be covered by a trained person and may not be left unattended there are limits on how often we get breaks and how long they may be. When our team is short-staffed sometimes staff from other departments can help out but that is rare. Breaks have to be requested and arranged by managers before we walk off. Over the next 2 months we are going to be expected to work 5 hours continuously before the lunchbreak or going home,
  12. Whenever I go to a new town or city I look out for charity shops with the hope finding some great reading matter. Sometimes it doesn't work cos all they have are Jack Higgins, Andy McNab and BTB but I have found some rare and interesting stuff over the years! Best for me are the specialised charity bookshops like Oxfam and surprisingly, the Amnesty International shop in Great Malvern. When you're looking for an out of print work or odd subject matters* these places can have just what you want. In recent years I've given dozens of books to St Clares Hospice in Harlow along with other
  13. Great! They also do manuals for the Lancaster, Spitfire and the Tiger Moth. TBH, these aren't the in-depth repair manuals like they do for cars (first, disconnect the battery) but more of an overview on how these great machines were designed, built, tested and roughly how they go together.
  14. Yes Minister was 30 years ago. Even allowing for repeats on TV, many of us don't recall when the last big uproar about MP expenses was. One thing fuelling this is that many people are tired of Labour and want a change in leadership in the hope that an election will change the mess we are in.
  15. Personally I'd ask that the holiday request be cancelled with a view to taking different days off at her pleasure. If she knows when she wants future time off then make that claim at the same time. That said, for me it's about not being at work, not about the money. I wonder why they changed the shift round so suddenly?
  16. It gets better and better. My MP, Eleanor Laing, has avoided paying £180,000 Capital Gains Tax on selling her London flat because it is her PRIMARY residence despite claiming Parliamentary expenses on it as her SECONDARY residence. The rules need amending and fast.
  17. I used to work in an NHS hospital Medical Records dept and the policy was that if you had not been there for treatment in the last 10 years your records would be destroyed. This had the benefit of creating space in the archives but I can see it causing problems for recurring illnesses. I'm now wondering how legal this all was....
  18. When you calculate the monies owed, are you incuding the fee paid by the employer to the agency? My firm uses agency staff and pays £18 an hour, the agency takes £10 and the staff get £8. A second thought in my mind is that the employer should have double-checked your timesheet for accuracy before it went to the agency. Are they possibly at fault in some way for not checking? Or did you alter it after they checked it? Whatever happens, wait for the agency to tell you what they intend to do before you panic. When they get in touch, let us know what they want and we CAG's will hel
  19. They can't give bad references legally but they can tell the truth as to why you left them. I do not believe they are under any legal obligation to provide records of attendance or sickness to another firm (Data Protection Act?) but you might be asked to provide that. If this is work-related stress would a company be willing to admit they lose employees to this? I think not, they will want to make themselves look good and as having no problems in this recession for fear of losing contracts. One option (possibly the best) is to be honest with your new employers about why you left the las
  20. Get a copy of the tenancy agreement (you should have your own copy) and study it for details of decoration. My council property has a rule that 'Laminate flooring may not be used where it may disturb the neighbours.' which probably means upper floors without insulation underlay. Also look for rules on keeping the property and gardens clean and tidy, noise levels, smoking and so on. Write up a list of complaints based on these rules and stick it in an offical letter to the council and the housing agency. They might be an arms-length agency but that doesn't mean you can't stick it up em!
  21. I'm not gambling, I've paid up the £30. But I will be making a formal complaint about this letter which is badly worded and full of grammatical errors. Indeed, the letter says that whatever happens with an appeal I would have to pay the £60...... "Option B: Make a formal representation against the NtO. Please be advised that at this stage the Penalty Charge will be payable at the full fine amount of £60." Their words, not mine.
  22. Well, going by the lack of response I'm best off coughing up the £30 and considering this a lost cause. What is irritating is the method of the appeal procedure and the way it is almost illogical. You are told to appeal within 14 days or face the charge doubling, when you do appeal you then get another letter saying you have to wait for a Notice To Owner before the appeal process can be started and that is only on certain grounds because they've practically ignored your previous letters and taken their sweet time about replying. At this point it is made clear you are gambling on a do
  23. It's in the Governments interest for you NOT to sign on. It is in the Jobcentre's interest that you DO sign on. This is all about meeting targets. There's also a minor issue with sorting out the benefits payments which IIRC takes about 5 minutes of computer clicking and 3 days of form-filling..... Go for the interviews, if you get a job it's less hassle to deal with. I worked in 3 Jobcentres for a total of 6 months (slightly better than claiming benefits ) and the bureaucracy is mindboggling, it becomes a case of 'we do it this way because it's always been done this way'.
  24. I'd like to know why the MP for Epping Forest claims for a flat in central London when she lives 1 hour away by public transport. If everyone else in her constituency has to travel all that way home at the end of a long day, why shouldn't she?
  25. So in theory I could drive into a local supermarket car park past legible signs, park my car across 2 disabled marked bays, not buy a ticket, spend 4 hours shopping when there's a limit of 2 hours and ignore anything stuck to my windscreen on return? Obviously I wouldn't do this! Actually I'd expect some nasty comments to left on the car, probably in the paintwork from a closely driven wheelchair..... But it does seem odd that the whole parking setup is based on a lashup of existing laws and not a complete Private Parking Act which would settle our arguments for good. Actually, I'l
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