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  1. My brother in law has asked me to be a guarantor for him for a small loan which he wants to take out to try and build some credit rating. I trust that he would keep the payments up but I am concerned that if I act as guarantor it will appear on my credit file? Does acting as a guarantor associate me with him financially? Will it appear on my credit file? Thanks
  2. Thanks guys. In the complaint form it asks "In what way do you think the member has violated our Code of Practice?" What would be the answer to this? Sorry for the stupid question
  3. I have now received a letter from CCS Collect Debt Collecters: 72 HOURS NOTICE OF HOME VISIT We are now making arrangements for one of our collectors to visit your home. The purpose of the visit is to: Obtain payment or agree a payment arrangement with you Investigate your home situation prior to recommending court action You can avoid this by making a payment to this office by return of post or telephoning this office immediately. Any advice on this one please?
  4. Thanks. I dont mean to sound as though you guys dont know what you are talking about as I wouldnt have posted here if i thought that were the case. I just want to reassure my wife and be 100% committed to following this through.
  5. I received a letter on 23rd March. "FORMAL DEMAND BEFORE COURT ACTION AMOUNT NOW DUE - £85.00 WITHIN 28 DAYS". Failure to pay the full amount within 28 days will result in an increase to £135.00 plus further admin costs. This demand will form part of our case against you. My wife is getting worried that we will end up being taken to court and paying a charge that we cannot afford. She has asked why I am taking advice from a forum. I am a little concerned that because I admitted I was the driver in my letter of appeal that this may stand up in court. Would someone please advise w
  6. Yes parking is free there. We were only out of the car for 45 mins at the most so they must have been watching. Cheers for your help
  7. No, there were barriers all around the tree, so thee were about 6 spaces not used. I am local to the shopping centre and did not know these parking regulations had been put in place (which im led to believe were done so a couple of years ago).
  8. and there is no way that the fine will stand up? Where do I stand legally when I have admitted to parking the car in this way? I have been warned in the letter that if it is not payed within 10 days the fine will increase to £135 plus admin costs. In addition court action may be taken. Thanks
  9. Back in December I parked accross two bays at Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village as the spaces were directly behind a Xmas Tree and parking there was impossible to get into one space. When I got back to the car I had been issued a ticket for £60 from Central Ticketing. I was unaware of these forums and so replied to them with a letter appealing against the penalty dues to the fact that I didnt feel that I was obstructively parked as no cars could be parked there anyway. I also explained that the main reason was that I new people didnt park there and my wife needed to breast feed our 2 month old b
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