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  1. they are going to investigate as to weather it was the vaccine or poor hygene . ne way heres hoping the little ones ok
  2. Yep, the poor klittle fella has had a LP Last thursday and again on sunday, he has just come out of theatre today to remove excess fluid from the bone in the thigh. They have now inserted a canular unto the top of his head to pass the anibiotics through, previously been through both wrists and feet. The doctors have told my family member that the menigitis has 99% came from the injection and that the meningitis is not contagious. This being the case the original diognosis of the strain may have been incorrect.
  3. One of my family members children, a 4 month old boy wend for his MMR Vaccine last Tuesday, on wednesday he was beginning to feel unwell and on thursday was admitted to hospital and my family member was told he had contracted Bacterial Meningitis. After giving the child anti biotics at the weekend the family member was told he was to go for an MRI scan at 9am on monday to see if the menigitis had infected the childs brain. Monday morning arrives only for a doctor to arrive and to say that there is no space for an MRI today (monday) and that they would have to do it on tuesday
  4. I have not heard a word from them since just before the judgment just like you and I have given up trying to contact them
  5. whats the point in asking for help if theres nobody to help answer, pointless forum
  6. I currently have a mortage with Northern Rock Fixed at 5.49% until May next year. I owe approx £100000 and my property value is approx £155000 My circumstances have changed at home and I need to take back around £!2000 of my equity for urgent home improvements (New windows and Kitchen. Is there any way i could increase my Loan with northern Rock and Or change my Fixed rate without incurring the penalty charge or is it my only option to wait until next June. Could i Go intrest only at the standard variable ir not? Without incurring a massive fee? These desperatly
  7. yes they have settled my credit card claims and the owner of the company rang me to apologise, i will be paying the original t N C s
  8. sorry, strangly enough the guy who is taking payments on their behalf isn;t happy
  9. I would like to add that i started using this company around the time this post was initially made. They have changed the policy without informing me, I thought it was 10% of the total claims. But they have changed this without my knowledge and it is now £150 per claim or 10% whichever is the least. They did seem quite a good company in 2007 delivering what they have promised at the time. So far i have had my Credit card charges back via them and the issues only came to my attention because they sent me an invoive. Cheeky buggers have started adding charges for using a solicito
  10. Hi all I am new to the forum and have currently lots of claims against several banks outstanding. I was silly and a couple of years ago i completed the forms sent to me by a company called Financial Claims UK . Com. Now they seem to have recovered quite a lot of my credit card charges already but they have broken their initial contract. And they are adding in hidden charges for court fees and solicitors letters and their customer service is appalling. The 020 number diverts to india and the line is that bad it's unbeleivable. I have asked to be contacted at least ten times since xmas a
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