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  1. Seems to over posted while yourself was posting. Thank you Erika, have confirmed what i thought in the sense of not entitled to Income Support but was unsure why the calculater stated would be. As soon as we know for sure i will contact Housing Benefit as any help would be grateful until can try to at least normalize things again re money coming in. Am already looking into possibly exchanging into a smaller home (lesser rent) in the same street as that may be something to consider also. Think everyone still in shock at moment. Thank you again Erika,
  2. Just an update now that brother has returned from work. Mother seemed a little 'pre-occupied' shall we say, ie she put the microwave on to do some dinner for brother but hadn't put anything inside etc. Brother has spoken a little to step father who has said that he is going to a meet a friend this evening, and probably stay at his. Brother asked how after 9/10yrs can suddenly 'not be happy' instead of trying to change things for better to which all reply was that he will be "staying away" at a friends for next few days and take it from there, so does seem as though leaving tonight and bas
  3. Hi Cag'ers, Needing some advice of which is a fragile situation at present so as i can at least have some rough information to hand before my family panic thinking of starving, loosing home etc and i know you all have a world of knowledge, and have been unable to find similar while searching through the threads. Background situation: Parents have three children (i'm the oldest), youngest is now 20yrs old and still living at home along with a friend/somewhat lodger (19/20). My mother and step-father have been together around 9yrs and married for around 6yrs (7yrs in May). My mother wa
  4. Hi, Different Housing Association and location but had the same problem, except my car was MOT'd and Taxed, on a cemented driveway on/part of my front garden. Due to the car being 'unroadworthy' (needed an expensive part to ensure was 100% safe to drive), i was told by my H.A to remove it, get it roadworthy or they would tow it away. I told them that it was not on the public road, was not blocking any access to my own or any other property etc but was no avail and i was pointed towards my tenacy agreement - very long winded, and was not entirely read thoroughly upon signing and/or w
  5. Hi mkb, For phone or broadband? For landline i went with Direct Save Telecom, although the Post office also does good non contract landlines, and for the broadband i went with a company called ADSL24 - They were the only company i could find where you have mulitple choices of speed, limits (if wanted) and no 12/18/24 contracts, although they have one or to options where you can have one if wanted. It is a 30 day rolling contract that doesnt charge through the roof unlike some 3month contract broadbands i came across. Have been with these now for around 3-4months and must say that i have h
  6. Hi Just thought would post an update for/if anyone wondered what happened next. Well the following Monday, via a helpful friend, i rang a garage who said they would be happy to do all the reports and to take it in later that day. So we did. Thursday lunchtime the FOLLOWING week, so they had had it for nearly two weeks, i rang the garage again as had done so few times, asking if they had done all reports papers etc. Was told yes, had been finished that morning, would be the £25 as was told. Was asked that they think think may be able to somewhat get the exhaust back up connected
  7. Hi, Just wanted to post a quick message re the amount they scare you into paying if you want to leave while in a 'verbal contract' with them - although the verbal contract you have with their staff is useless and wrong apparently (sorry had many problems with them myself lol). In the end, i wrote to the email provided on the link above and had a member of his team contact me back within hours to take on 'my problem'. Long story short i told them im was off, and if they thought i was going to pay hundreds of pounds to 'end contract early' then they were mistaken. Basically, tops
  8. Hi cagger's, Am needing the help of car minded cagger's as cant believe things like this still happen. Sorry seems so long. My brother has a '94 Impreza, just a standard 1.6i engine but looks just like a WRX due to kit etc... It was booked in for a full service at a local garage from him as seemed they had a special discount on price, £50 for full service. Had been booked for earlier today, for last couple of weeks. Where this garage is located is a somewhat small industrial estate, as is between housing estates. He dropped it off around lunchtime expecting to be able to pi
  9. Hi John, You can ring and confirm with them, but i was advised re moving costs to wait until three days (i think) before the moving day, get two quotes and use these quotes and apply for a crisis loan as if applied within few days before, then will be recieved on/before the day to pay for the removals. I needed help when we moved, (long story) and i was told to apply for the budgeting loan as soon as able to help with the house (in right state) and then to wait closer the time for moving expenses. I then found out on the Tuesday morning i was now moving on the next day/Friday, so ran
  10. Hi 45002, Have never posted, but felt i should leave you a reply re the HMO. Am not/have not 'worked' in the housing industry but do help out on a 'council/h.a housing exchange site', plus with HMO's being quite common in the area i live; HMO stands for Housing in Multiple Occupancy. My thoughts on the Retrospective planning permission for HMO are that your landlord owned the house as just that - a house. S/he then turned the HOUSE into FLATS and let out the individual flats, ie one to yourself. However you need to apply for planning to turn a house into flats and also
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