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  1. Yes, they are that stupid. They charged me many times for this exact reason and this is what led me to start investigating my account. I would ask them for a statement to check, chances are they have been charging you £10 each time they have called. I phoned several time to query these charges and was told that they would continue adding charges unless I set up a DD, which I refused to do.
  2. Very incompetent given that after they sent another customers transcripts first time around, we sent them a letter pointing out their error and asked them to send OUR SAR. Should I write again requesting SAR given that they only have a further 3 days of the original 40?
  3. Thanks Sol. I'm sure I have seen your posts on that other forum too!
  4. Ok received SAR from welcome this morning. Guess what they have done this time? Sent me another customers information yet again! But this time I have names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, payslips with national insurance number, bank account sort codes and account numbers, copies of driving licences and basically every personal detail I could possibly need if I was the type of person to commit fraud!! Absolutely appalling!! Anyone know who I can report this too. Also can anyone advise what my next step should be? They only have a further 3 days to comply with my SAR and this is obviously not going to happen so what do I do with regards to sorting out my own account?
  5. S.A.R. sent 9/03/09 Telephone letter sent 9/03/09 Received letter from welcome to contact them (complaints) 3 messages on answer phone from welcome to contact them 11/03/09 Messages left on answer phone 13/03/09 Messages left on answer phone 16/03/09 Received S.A.R. 16th march 09 Writing and figures on it are so small that I can't see what they say. Subject Access Request pack contents Letter (uploaded) Statement (uploaded) Loan agreement front sheet x2 Loan application Insurance suitability Pages of Staff scripts Credit agreement (uploaded) Agreement modifying hp agreement (uploaded) Demands and needs statement Transcript (pages) not our transcript but Carol and Chris whoever they are (with phone numbers and contact address) Telephone letter 2nd request sent 24/03/09 2nd S.A.R. sent request as first was incomplete/inaccurate account in dispute, sent 24/03/09 Checked Credit File as alert by email A significant balance change 24/03/09 Response to 2nd S.A.R. request received 30/03/09 they are looking into this. Message on answer phone 02/04/09 Local branch phoned place of work demanding payment and we said they cannot request payment while the account is in dispute. He said that Welcome has resolved our complaint and that we are just avoiding payment which is utter nonsense, also threatened to turn up at my partners workplace today and has said he will be at our home at 6.30pm. 02/04/09 Letter from branch asking for payment 04/04/09 Telephone letter sent 3rd request 06/04/09 Letter from Branch to contact them overdue account 09/04/09 Letter sent to accounts manager at local branch 14/04/09 Letter sent to branch manager local branch 14/04/09 Voicemail left by local branch 14/04/09 Complaint submitted to information commissioner 14/04/09 Complaint submitted to fos 14/04/09 They have 4 days left to comply with my subject access request where do we go from here? any help would be appreciated
  6. just to keep this thread up to date, this guy from the local office has now sent two letters asking for payment and charging for the letters despite being told when he phoned that the account was officially in dispute. I sent away yet another letter to compliance about their harrassment and have forms to fill in from the oft. Is there anything else I should be doing in the meantime?
  7. Looking for some more advice please. Someone for Welcome has phoned my partner at work today chasing payment for this account, which is officially in dispute. We are also still waiting for them to send the SAR. They wrote asking for us to call them as we didn't respond to their letters or voicemail asking for us to phone to discuss our complaint. We sent them letters telling them that everything must be in writing and have sent off 2 telephone harrassment letters which they are clearly ignoring. This guy has basically been on the phone demanding payment and we said they cannot request payment while the account is in dispute. He said that Welcome have resolved our complaint and that we are just avoiding payment which is utter nonsense. They don't even know what the complaint is yet as we haven't had the proper info sent back to us!!! He also threatened to turn up at my partners workplace today and has said he will be at our home at 6.30pm this evening. So what do I do?
  8. Hi Kittie Don't know what is happening but a lot of Welcome clients seem to have had their balance reduced with no explanation. I am waiting on my SAR now, on the second request, so waiting to see what that says before deciding on what course of action to take.
  9. ok got the info that you need. I am going to PM you some figures now post.
  10. Ok thanks. Yes I did access them online so will go and have a look now and get back to you:)
  11. Ok Post will do this although I don't have a printed copy of before. Is there a way to retrieve this?
  12. That's what I thought too. I will wait for the latest statement and see what that says the balance is but the reduction would suit me nicely since it would allow me to VT the car without me owing too much.;-)
  13. Hi everyone. There's been an interesting development with this now and I wonder if anyone has ever heard of anything like this happening. We are still waiting for welcome to send the complete SAR from the start of the agreement and in the meantime the same person keeps phoning and writing asking for us to phone her so she can discuss our complaints. We have written to them again saying that everything must be in writing and that we will contact them once we have all the information we need from them. Anyway in the meantime we have been keeping our eye on our credit file. Before the SAR request the credit file entry for welcome stood at approx £10000 owing which is backed up by the statement we recently received from them. Got an alert today that there had been a significant balance change so had a look and welcome have updated to say that the balance owing is now around £7000. No payments have been made while the account is in dispute so where has this 3K reduction come from??? Any thoughts on why this has happened, anyone ever heard of this before? Again, all help is much appreciated:)
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