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  1. Thanks for that mate I'm probably going to keep my policy going as they were pretty competitive, this was my first insurance claim, so hopefully won't effect anything. One thing I didn't understand though was when I first got my Golf GTi I phoned them from the dealership gave them the reg number and got my insurance transfered straight onto it after getting the certificate I noticed it was insured as a GTI 1.8 Turbo when the car was not the Turbo version told them this and it only saved my £15 a year when the Turbo version is group 14 and the standard version group 10 I would have expecte
  2. Some of you will have seen my recent thread about my car being written off by a third party whilst parked. Anyway the claim has now been settled third party has accepted liability, payment has been made by Direct Line to me and my the cheque for my excess is on its way this week. Had to give my courtesy car back on Monday so I'm now car less. I was paying my insurance monthly started in March on a mk3 Golf paid my deposit then paying £45 a month or so, got my mk4 Golf GTI in May and transfered my insurance to that premium went up to £65 I think then added alloy wheels and told them
  3. Well I recieved an £800 cheque yesterday surely this isn't right I am not going to bank it, should I return it to them along with the receipt for the car and adverts etc. showing how much replacing it is likely to cost me? Not sure which department I need to send it to though, should I send it recorded delivery so I have proof I sent it. This is a bloody nightmare all I want is to be back in the position I was in before the accident. The hire car is due to go back on Monday which is going to leave me with out transport unless they agree to give me another one, which IMO they should as I ca
  4. Well I have contacted Direct Line to dispute their valuation, they have said another engineer would revalue the car told them I want at least £2000. Seen a friend today who managed to get me a CAP valuation she said retail on a the same model and milage as mine should be about £2975 I would say minus a few hundred for being a previous cat D which seems to be about average from what I've seen on other cat D's for sale on autotrader etc. Apparantly third party's insurer still hasn't accepted liabilty which is unbelievable. Hire car is due to go back on the 13th after that I will be car less £8
  5. Any more advice please guys hoping to make a move on this ASAP before they send out the cheque. Sean
  6. Thats what I was expecting I thought that they would sort this out before offering payment, so far it looks like they have made no effort at all, I contacted Direct Line liabiity department last week and she put me on hold and that they can't get in touch with the 3rd party insurers today. I mean come on that is rediculous this was early in the morning I managed to get 5 mins at work to ring them. So do I have to chase up the 3rd party ? I always assumed that the insurance company done this as they have to claim their costs back from them anyway. I knew I would be paying slightly
  7. Thats what I would have thought to mate no idea what they are playing at, just had a look on their website and had to laugh (or cry not to sure which yet) when I read this "If you're hit by an uninsured driver we'll cover your excess and your no claims discount won't be affected" but your screwed if your hit by somebody who is insured? Hi mate yea I would like to dispute their valuation it's deffinitly going to cost me at least £2000 to get a car of similar spec and condition , I also had a set of Alloy wheels on the car got them 2nd hand so no reciept but I did declare them to Di
  8. Hi guys I need help here I feel like I'm being royally screwed over probably going to be a long post so please bare with me. Less than 2 months or so I bought my first decent car in abut 12 years (well to me it was decent). It was a mk4 VW Golf GTI 1.8 20valve I bought it from a local used car dealer 112,000 miles on the clock very clean, service history up to 99,000 miles a nice tidy car it had been cat D in 2003 which I was told about but assumed that since it was so long ago and had obvioulsy been MOT etc. a lot of time since then that it didn't really matter, to be honest the car looked n
  9. Thanks WheelerGeezer bh thats what I was my main worry that they had lost my records going by some of the stuff that I have read on here. Luckely they hadn't got my license through on Thursday tahnks for the replys. Sean
  10. Thanks for the reply Crem there was no mention of resitting my test or revoking my license at the court hearing, I went in person nothing was mentioned. Well the expected 3 week's that they aim to send your license back is nearly up I know it may take a bit longer as they are using my digital passport number to verify identity hopefully not to long though. Sean
  11. Hi there, I have recently applied for my driving license back after a 12 month ban, thing is the ban 11 or 12 years ago I think (I'm guessing here but I know it was before the theory test came in and before the new driver resit test rule) when I was young and foolish, I lost my job and went through a bit of a rough patch which caused me to move away from my home area and I don't think I finished paying the fine I got. I never bothered reapplying for my license due to still being young and not having been driving for long it seemed a bit pointless as I would not have been able to afford t
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