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    Free dental care

    Hi there, I'm currently suffering with what I think is an abscess and need to go see a dentist. The problem is I can't afford it. I don't work but I'm not claiming benefits so can't get free treatment that way. Would I qualify for free treatment on the low income scheme, even if I don't have any income at all? The other problem is the only dentists taking peopl on round here are over 3 miles away and I have no way of getting to them. Is the only way I can get treatment for this through a dentist or could the hospital help me if it gets any worse. The problem is aswell I can't afford
  2. haha I should do that! Funnily enough my partner isnt far off that Soory for the no reply, been doing new job related stuff (w00t new job). Actually decided to read the letter properly and its actually for vodaphone so am sending a 'not my debt' letter. Have posted that in another thread here : http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/211694-eek-vodaphone.html#post2322161 Thanks for all the replies though
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply. Sorry its taken so long to get back, just started a new job - w00t! Basically I was payed for the whole claim, so there wouldnt be any arrears they needed to pay me. Also, I never had an appointment when I ended the claim. The first appointment I was ever given was this one....several months after I ended my claim for ESA. On a side note, this week I received a letter saying I was no longer entitled to JSA....even though the last benefit i was on was ESA so not really sure where they got that from. Also got a letter this week from a company calle
  4. Right, so here's what I'm sending off to them tomorrow, with a bit added by myself It's cheeky time Dear Sir/Madam Account no: You have contacted me/us regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself/ourselves. I/we would point out that I/we have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to (insert company name). I am/we are familiar with the Office of Fair Trading Debt Collection Guidance which states that it unfair to send demands for payment to an individual when it is uncertain that they are the debtor in question.
  5. Typical, you try to get them to go away and they ignore you...... Thanks Saintly, I'll get that off to them in the morning, and wait to be promptly ignored. Oh the joys of dealing with these muppets. Just had another read of my letter and it seems they're acting on behalf of Vodaphone rather than having actually bought the debt. Is there a letter I can send them to say I only want to deal with Vodaphone. I'm sure I saw one like that once but can't seem to find it now. Does anyone know if this exists or have I just eaten too many picnic eggs and gone slightly crazy? (picnic eggs
  6. Hi everybody Received a lovely letter today from a DCA regarding an account with vodaphone in the sum of around 300 of your english pounds. (if you're wondering the DCA is Wescot) I read somewhere that the CCA doesnt apply to mobile contracts, so I just wondered what the next course of action would be for me, and if the CCA doesnt apply, does this mean they can basically send me anything and I just have to pay? I'm also not really sure if it is actually mine. I only remember having 1 mobile contract and that was with Orange, but it is possible that I've forgotten having one with
  7. Hi all, last november I started claiming ESA, signed the forms and obviously gave permission at that time for the jobcentre and any other relevant agencies/departments to use my personal details. I stopped claiming in April/May and since then have continued to receive letters from ATOS healthcare about attending for a medical assessment. Clearly therefore, they are still processing my personal and confidential details when they no longer have the authority to do it. I realise that Jobcentreplus may keep my details (which I agreed to) now that my claim has ended as they are not only
  8. Thanks for that pmh, this is all gonna be a nice surprise for them My God I love this forum and everybody on it! All this stroppiness on their part already and I havent even been trying to avoid them lol. Ah at least it keeps me mildly entertained. If it wasnt for everybody here I would be so stressed about this so thank you again to everyone.
  9. Thanks Bonzo I'll have to put that in when I send off my cca. Glad i decided to wait til tomorrow to do it. More things to annoy them......mwahahaha!
  10. Thanks for the replies. know its all scare tactics, I actually laughed when I got that letter. Was just wondering if it was worth a complaint seeing as it was very misleading. After all, the average person who hasnt been fighting these types of muppets would most likely think it meant they could just come around with no ccj. Other than the OFT, should I write anything about it to them when I send off my cca? I was thinking about complaining about the threatening nature of their letter anyway....... Something along the lines of.....I found your letter to be extremely misleading and
  11. Hi everybody I received a typical 'U OWE US MONEY' letter from wescot last week, with the usual blah blah if you dont pay we'll come and steal your soul nonsense. I'm going to be sending them a lovely cca for that because i'm really not sure the debts mine. However, there is something really quite worrying about the letter. Basically, about halfway down it says the following: 'If you ignore the instructions and fail to take action by ........ This may result in one of the following 1. Legal proceedings being automatically issued against you in the county court/Sher
  12. Hi, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately Ive got no way of scanning it. I did find another nearly identical one though, the only differences being in the numbers relating to the apr. Otherwise all the wording is the same: hope this helps
  13. Hi all, received a CCA from capquest on behalf of egg today and was wondering if it was enforeceable. Unfortunately I dont have a scanner but I'll explain what it contains. It is a 2 page agreement, dated june 2003. The first page has the date at the top and the second page has the date in the signature box, so it seems that the 2 pages are tied. However, whilst egg signed in june 03, my signature is dated july 03. In section 3, entitled 'Limit', it states..'We will tell you from time to time he Approved Limit we have set and, if different, the Individual Limit which you have c
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