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  1. Hello. I'm asking a question regarding paying a PPI company. I won't name names, unless anyone thinks it's relevant. My partner made a claim to a PPI company a few weeks before the deadline. He received a letter from Lloyds asking for authority for them to act, which he supplied. A couple of weeks later, rather unexpectedly, he had a letter from Lloyds with an offer, which he accepted. He's now received the payment. In all of this time, he had nothing from the PPI company apart from the odd text, asking him to keep them informed if he heard anything. He scanned the letter with the offer from Lloyds and emailed it to them as requested, expecting them to invoice him, he has no intention of not paying, even though they seem to have done next to nothing. This week, he receive 2 letters from them containing 3 forms in total, for him to complete, checking his details as Lloyds told them there was an error. I've advised him to ignore the form, since he's been paid & is just waiting for them to claim the money from him, and if they're so inefficient, that they ignore emails virtually offering them money, they might forget about it altogether! Is this the right course of action? He's concerned they'll take him to court for not paying, but I don't see how they can, when they've never even asked for any. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. Yes, I guess you may be right dx, it's not as though the required payments are not being made. Thanks too renegade, if the calls persist, will look into it. I think ignoring for now is the way to go though.
  3. emails sent off, backed up with letters, telling Moorcroft that payments will continue to be made to Lloyds & they should back off. They're now calling at various times of the day, ranging from 8am to 9pm. Can we stop them?
  4. Is this correct? It really is a palaver swapping over the payments. It was Lloyds who sent the initial letter, telling him to stop paying them & wait to hear fro Moorcroft, which of course we have.
  5. There were 2 both Lloyds/TSB. One was sent for a CCJ, which stayed with Lloyds until now, the other was transferred to Moorcroft almost immediately, many years ago.
  6. My partner has had a debt with Lloyds under a CCJ. He has paid it for many years & it is now 8 months from being cleared. He's just received a letter from Lloyds saying the debt has now transferred to Moorcroft. The problem is that he has been on benefits for the past 2 years due to severe health issues and will not be able to work again. There is another Lloyds debt, which was with Moorcroft from the start, and not subject to a CCJ. Due to his small income, he has been paying only £5 per month on this debt, since having to go on to benefits. We did not want to go to court to apply to have the payments (over £120 per month), on the other debt reduced, as it was so close to the end & I am in a position to help maintain the payments. He is now concerned that Moorcroft will see that payments on one debt have been maintained (albeit not exclusively by him), and will demand that similar payments are made on the other debt, which is still quite substantial. I would hope that reply is that I am not obliged to continue helping & if they want more for the other debt, they can take him to court, where his income will be shown to only be able to support the £5. Does anybody have any thoughts or advice please?
  7. Thanks for the replies. The CCJ is with the original creditor (Lloyds) & there is no dispute over the debt. It really is a simple matter of whether the court will take his savings into account when assessing if the payments can be lowered. He is of course in a position to clear the debt, but facing the rest of his life on benefits, he's anxious to hold on to every penny he can for future unforeseen & exceptional events.
  8. Looking for advice for a friend. He has recently been placed on ESA support group. He has a CCJ which he has been paying for some years whilst working of £120 per moth, there is just over £2,000 still owing. Now that his future is more or less settled as not being able to work, I would like to be help him to reduce this monthly payment. I realise that with his income now at £109 per week he would be able to get a reduction. However, he has about £5,000 in savings, left from redundancy & obviously when he was working. I know he could pay the balance, but he is anxious to hold on to as much capital as possible, to help over the next few years. If he applies to have the payment reduced, would it be likely to be rejected by the court due to his savings? Any advice appreciated.
  9. Hi. I've been claiming ESA since July 15th 2014. I have just received my appointment for assessment for 24th June 2015. As luck would have it, I have now found a job (I applied for it 6 months ago & was placed on a reserve list), which I start on 29th June. Question is, is it worth my while attending the interview? Obviously, if I was placed in the work group, I would be entitled to about 8 months of backdated allowance, but as I have now found a job, I assume that the claim would be rejected anyway. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  10. Thanks for your replies. It doesn't mention an amount. I would write, but I am just concerned about re-activating the account. Even if it is not the one I am assuming, any other & there is only 1 other potential account beside that, would be statute barred anyway.
  11. Thank you. I'm pretty sure now that the debt can not be made live again, even if they apply this alleged overpayment, am I correct in this? I had considered emailing them, (I would never phone of course), asking for details but I guess I'd probably be better to ignore them completely.
  12. I have received a letter from Cabot, regarding an account which was formerly held by Equidebt. I finished paying this at the end of last year and have a letter confirming it was ppaid. This new letter says there is an overpayment on the account and they intend to apply it to another account. I have no other account with Cabot but there was one with Equidebt, this was statute barred however and they did not contest it. I am very concerned that if there is any overpayment they will make the statue barred account "live" again . Can anyone offer any advice as to my best course of action?
  13. Thanks guys, just a bit naïve after not having to claim for so many years. It was so long ago, people in job centres thought they were there to help you find work & sort out problems, not look for an excuse to take your benefit away, which seems to be the case now, judging by what I read & hear!
  14. Hi all. Just been made redundant, & I have a few questions regarding claiming benefits. Firstly. I have a partner, but we are not & never have been "financially linked". Is it compulsory for us to claim jointly? He was made redundant at the same time as me. I am considering whether ESA may be what I ought to be claiming. I was holding on to my last job by a thread, due to repeated sickness absence & decline in work standard, due to medication I'm taking. I would almost certainly have been finished if redundancy hadn't come around anyway. I'm fairly sure my doctor would sign me as sick if I asked. As it is, my choice of jobs is likely to be limited & the chance of me getting through a probationary period are pretty slim. Would I be better advised to get a sick note & try to claim ESA? Even as it is, I'm not looking to start work immediately. I got a reasonable redundancy payment & after 40 years working, I am going to take a couple of months off anyway, to reassess & charge the batteries. I would not be entitled to contributory benefits at the moment, due to a smallish amount of savings, & a small pension from a previous job, although it will get used up pretty quickly, so should I claim anything at all or wait until I need the money desperately? Thanks in advance
  15. Thanks for the replies. There were no specific targets set as such Sidewinder, it's always "looking for an improvement - monitoring the situation - blah blah". The November hearing was triggered as a result of number of absences, every so often somebody has to look as though they're doing something, although another trip to the company doctor was organised. He is in the union & whilst they try, they are not that effective & really just see that everything is done by the book. To ericsbrother, sadly he isn't in the pension scheme, shame as it is a final salary scheme & has been mentioned more than once that if he had have been a member, they would have gone for ill-health retirement. Cost wouldn't have been an issue as it's an industry scheme rather than a company one. We just have to hope that if they do call a hearing they see some sense & take no further action, luckily it is the same ops manager who went for no action last time & he is actually a former union rep, so is more inclined to leniency.
  16. Hi Sidewinder. The final warning was re-issued following a hearing in November & lasts for 12 months. We are under no illusion that had redundancy not come (the site is closing it's not selective), his days were probably numbered anyway. As to specifics, no firm targets are set, it's very much up to the operations manager in this case, after consultation with HR. I was in a similar position myself a few years ago but not at final warning stage, where an illness covered by the then DDA, caused me to have frequent absences. I found myself being called to a hearing following 1 absence after a written warning & immediately launched a grievance that every absence could not be used as an excuse for another hearing. Whilst I lost the grievance, a "quiet word" was had with the manager concerned & the matter dropped. We cannot believe that they would go down this route so close to the end but it now seems very possible even likely. Especially as we have heard today that the company are concerned at the number of people going off sick since the notices were issued & may be looking to make an example of him.
  17. Hi all. My partner is being made redundant soon. He has worked for the company for over 11 years & has been given the required 11 weeks notice. He suffers from rheumatoid arthritis & the company were aware of this when he was employed. As is the way with this disease, his condition has deteriorated over the years & he has had increasing, but thankfully, short periods of absence, as flare-ups have increased in frequency & intensity. The company have not been unreasonable about this & the company doctor has examined him on several occasions & confirms that he falls within the scope of the Equalities Act & is expected to have more absences than an average employee. This has not prevented action over the years though & he has been on a final written warning for some months now. He has had no absences for anything other than the arthritis for over a year, until 2 days this week with a severe cold/flu. His symptoms are always worse as one of the drugs he takes, compromises his immune system & means that he is more severely affected by relatively minor bugs. Now his manager tells him that as this is not an equalities covered absence, he is being referred for possible further action, which is potential dismissal. Couple of questions. Is it reasonable for the company to take action on just 1 non equalities related absence in over a year & can the company pursue a capability issue to dismissal with only 9 weeks of employment left? Even if they can, would it be wise? I just wonder how a tribunal might look upon this if it came to it. There is a fairly substantial redundancy payment in the balance here & with little likelihood of him holding down a full-time job as a new employee elsewhere, this money will be much needed. Any advice much appreciated.
  18. Thanks Brigadier. I've just re-read the letter from Cabot & I never noticed, but it says "if you wish to make a payment etc etc". Doesn't sound like the normal stuff. Might this imply that they know it's SB & they're just trying it on, knowing they can't demand payment?
  19. I'd be grateful. I just want to find the letter from Equidebt, so that I can confirm exactly what was said at the time, I just can't put my hand on it at the mo, having had a bit of a "sort -out", to put everything in order, you know what happens:roll:.
  20. Hi Brigadier. The debt is definitely SB. Equidebt confirmed they would be closing the account. I expected some low-life to come crawling again eventually, but I was just surprised that Cabot wouldn't know when taking over Equidebt's portfolio.
  21. Hi all. Had a letter today from Cabot informing me that they had taken over a debt from Equidebt. I know they bought debts from when they went bust as I am already paying one. The one on the letter today is however statute barred & I had conformation of such from Equidebt some months ago & they made no further attempts to collect, so presumably, the account is marked as SB in some way. Question is, do I respond to this letter & go through the whole SB rigmarole again with Cabot, or do I just ignore it? Any advice appreciated.
  22. Had a letter from Cabot today. Saying they have bought the Equidebt debt, but I should continue my current payments to Weightmans. Only a few more payments to make anyway so not that bothered. Kept the letter though just in case any payments "go astray".
  23. Thanks for the replies. Yes I do pay Barclays, the debt was never sold on. It was for a personal loan. I had many debts at the time but this is one of only 2 left. I do have the original CCJ. I just can't understand why they say they have no security questions. They asked date of birth & stuff like that, so they clearly have the information. I did move home shortly after the judgement, but I was in touch with them afterwards when I was still paying via a debt repayment plan with CCCS. I don't think there's a need for an SAR at the moment, I'll have to bite the bullet & see if going in to a branch will help.
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