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  1. Hi there College initially didn't believe me! His company had not contacted them. They then said that his ex employer should have taken steps to find him a replacement placement. This is part of their contract. They did not. After that they didn't seem to want to get involved to be honest. They have helped him get a trial at his new place but said if my son or I tried to take this any further that it could mean my son losing his new placement.
  2. Hi Guys, need some advice/help if poss - I have several issues/questions so I will try and keep brief initially and ask away if you need anything I havnt put in. Could also do with knowing if ACAS/Tribunal or employing a solicitor is the best way to go? My son has been an engineering apprentice since September 2011 - it is a 3 year apprentice and was due to be completed July 2014. He does have a signed Apprenticeship Agreement. He attended college one day a week. On 22/08 (after a day off to attend a family funeral) he was told 1 hour into work that a meeting had taken place
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