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  1. I am still waiting fot MACK HALL to send me confermation that the account is closed. I still have the E-mail (printed) for my records so I hope this is enough
  2. Thanks Nail Post: I have now sent this e-mail: Mr Scott Henry I have asked for your Company's complaints procedure and you, as an officer of the company, are obliged to send it out. E-mail is recognised as a formal means of correspondence. I hope that this matter is now closed and I would like it in writing and sent to me by 1st Class post.
  3. I sent this E-mail to MACK HALL What is your complaints procedure.? I intend to make a complaint about your gross indifference to the law as it applies to debt collecting. If you ignore my request it will be sent instead to the Financial Services Ombudsman and all the other regulatory authorities. Result: Case Closed I will send all e-mails to Trading Stadards, then I might close the case: Thank you to everyone that helped me through this
  4. Oophs sorry I meant Fingernails, Got all flustered
  5. I thought you would all love to read this reply I have just received: LOL :lol::lol::lol: Good Morning, Please put it in writing to myself to the address below. I have taken the liberty of closing your account, but still advise it would be prudent to get a letter in writing which is signed so that we may formally deal with your case, as E-mail is not formal. Please include in your letter your reasoning for believing this not to be your, as your response quoting the statute of limitations has confused the situation. If it is not yours, why refer to the limitations a
  6. I will not sign ANYTHING!! The best thing to do it ignore them and wait untill "The Court Case" !! They have no case agaist me as this is over 6 years old
  7. This is the reply from MAC HALL Good Morning, May I advise you seek some professional advice rather than cut and paste text from the web. I particularly refer to this part of the legislation. “I would also point out that the OFT say under their Debt Collection Guidance on statute barred debt that “it is unfair to pursue the debt if the debtor has heard nothing from the creditor during the relevant limitation period”. It would then be up to you to provide address details when you move, to reasonably enforce this act. Failure to do
  8. I have now had a reply from MAC HALL with this information. This information came directly from the Royal Bank of Scotland group. You were living at Abbey Street at this time. A copy contract has been requested, however once provided and proven in our favor charges may apply. Last Pay Date - 20/12/02, I have now copied a letter from this forum and sent it back to them. I have requested in writting that the case is now closed as it is over 6 years old and I have had no contact from RSB.
  9. The date was given to me over the phone otherwise I would not know anything about it. IF they record telephone calls as stated 'for training purposes' then they should by law had over these telephone conversations when asked. !!! I am going to send all other letters back to them as "Not Known at this Address" because the name they are using is no longer my name and has not been my name for 9 years
  10. They can chase but I will not pay. I have the Law on my side, I have done nothing wrong. My next step is to report them
  11. This is what I sent to them by e-mail & 1st class post: I HAVE RECEIVED YOUR DEMAND FOR PAYMENT FOR £309.25 YOU STATE: I HAVE FAILED TO RESPOND (WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THESE RECORDED PHONE CALLS) YOU WANT PAYMENT BY NOON 13TH MARCH, for a Debt I know nothing about. IF THIS WAS MY DEBT, WHY HAVE YOU NOT RESPONDED TO MY REQUESTS THESE ARE MY DEMANDS SO WHAT ABOUT WHAT I WANT ? 1: I want to know the name of the credit card 2: I want to know what was purchased on this card 3: I want the dates the items were purchased 4: I want a sample signature to compare. 5: I
  12. Sorry I cant find 'NEW THREAD' I told you I was new to this, I am now totaly lost. Thanks anyway :?
  13. Mackenzie Hall has sent me a letter in my old married name , last used in 2002 claiming I owe £309 to RBS for a credit card debt. They bought the debt from equidebt I have telephone RBS and also been in touch with Credit Expert and they have no knowledge of this debt. I changed my Name in 2002 and moved home in May 2003, I have been informed that the debt was sent to my following address in 2004, now in 2009 they have sent me a FAILURE TO RESPOND - NOTICE, I telephone them as soon as I recieved the letter, if I did not respond how was I able to get this information ?. I have had 4 address si
  14. As I said I am new to this, I think I should give up now. I keep getting lost
  15. I give up !! , I have been move elsewhere, so I will log off. Tomorrow is a new day so I will fight on somehow
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