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  1. In Feb 2009 I was self employed in the construction trade and struggling for work due to the reccession. Red Driving School ads were everywhere you looked promising £30k incomes, hours to suit, etc.


    So, massive change of direction for me, and I thought the £3,700 they wanted for tuition was excessive, but I signed on the dotted anyway.

    Then I was told before the wheels could be set in motion (so to speak) I'd have to apply for a CRB check that'd probably take a 'few weeks'. It didn't, it took almost six months, during which Red had sent my my tutiton kit - A box of books (Highway code, etc.) and a DVD.


    Thing is, by this time work had improved in the construction industry so I rang to explain to Red my circumstances had changed and I'd like a refund. I was pointed to their small print which states a refund can be made if the tuition is cancelled within 7 days.


    So, I decided to go ahead with the course and had 3 driving lessons before falling at the first hurdle by failing the theory test. I paid another £100 for a second test, but failed this too (by 1 point!)


    I've decided this really isn't the career for me, but so far I've paid £3,800 for 3 driving lessons (shared with another pupil!) two failed tests, and a box of books.


    Is there any course of action I can take to get even a partial refund?


    Thanks in advance.

  2. Thing is I'm in the last stages of becoming a driving instructor so can do without getting caught removing it and being slapped with criminal damage charges (any criminal record will wreck my new career!)


    The car's more or less scrap value now after the clamp atracted the attention of the local idiot kids - All in all the clamp's lost me around three grand and I could even get stung with back tax/fine.

    This despite me doing the right thing writing to them to ask what the situation is. God knows why I've not had a reply.


    Anyone with any legal knowledge know if I can sue the DVLA for my loss?

  3. Without trying to upset you, surely you was the incompetent one for putting an untaxed vechile on the public highway!



    Yep, me and hundred's of thousands other vehicle owners, some of whom use these forums for advice - Thanks for your valuble input :confused:

  4. I've written again to the DVLA (twice since my first posting here), the last time around 7 weeks ago. Again, I've heard nothing back from them... And of course, the car's still clamped outside my house. That's more than nine months now with no solution in sight.


    The incompetence of these people would be laughable if they didn't have the power to penalise people so harshly.


    Good look to anyone who has to deal with these clowns.

  5. Ok, Sorry to bump this, but maybe it was a bit long winded the first time round (?)

    Basically I'm trying to find out:


    How long can my car be clamped without me having had any contact from clampers/DVLA?


    Thanks in advance.

  6. Declared the vehicle SORN in October when the tax ran out and left the car on my drive until I sold it, early November. The buyer paid me and and I gave him the paperwork. He said he'd pick it up after he'd got it taxed in the following couple of days.


    This is where I was silly enough to leave the car on the road outside my house as I needed the space on my drive. Next day - Clamped!


    The buyer had found out about the clamp before he'd taxed the car and, after a few choice words were exchanged, the money was refunded and the car became mine again.


    I got a letter a few weeks later saying pay up or the car will be towed/crushed. I explained that when the car was actually clamped it didn't belong to me and I gave them the name/address of the 'then' owner. I've heard nothing at all back and the car's been sat outside the house, still clamped for over four months now.


    Also it's now become a magnet for vandals who obviously think it's been dumped - Every panel has been kicked and scratched making a £3,000 car pretty much worthless.


    Any advice?

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