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  1. Worried I should not be posting this message here, apologies if that is the case. Really just wanted to wish all of my fellow caggers a hopeful 2011; goodness knows what I would have done without you all and no doubt will continue to need your valuable advice, wisdom, support and sense of humour. All the best until the next time mam62.
  2. Hi Mpols I am trying to keep my sanity believe you me. I have been screening my home phone due to constant calls from Wescot but am doing as dx advised and ignoring them. Cabot however are sending threatening emails re escalation of account and possible doorstep collection if I do not settle immediately. How are you doing? Any responses to the letters you sent out? Thanks for checking in on me though, it means a lot. mam xx
  3. Funnily enough, after your message yesterday, that's exactly what I started to do. Some of the threads I have read so far really puts into perspective just how many people there are out there in the same position and worse. Thanks again dx mam
  4. Trying hard not to be dx, trying real hard...sticking to your advice to ignore them. mam.
  5. Wescot phone at least 3 times a day now and leave a recorded message to call them immediately but as advised I do not answer. Wonder how long it will be before they stop calling - if they ever stop.
  6. Hello dx Sincere apologies for the late reply, loads going on as usual, unfortunately all horrid... Thank you for explaining. I am trying to ignore them even though I have still had further communication from them. Wescot are now back on the case but what is really frightening is that they called me. On checking my home phone this morning, a recorded message was left at 6.30pm yesterday saying I needed to contact them immediately (not going to as advised before). So not only am I now scared of the post and my doorbell, I am now going to be scared to answer the phone.
  7. Hello ashmk sincere apologies for not replying to you sooner, going through some personal issues plus computer issues - where is the light at the end of my tunnel... Anyway, back to your comments, I thought I had posted the replies, will double check. Still looking for the originals which I thought I knew exactly where they were, I know I have them filed away somewhere so will scan and post as soon as I find them as I definately need the experts advice. mam62
  8. ashmk, thank you for sharing, it does seem as though they take absolutely no notice, maybe I should try ignoring them? Not sure I have the guts to. I know I keep saying it but it is true...it really helps having the support, guidance and experience/knowledge from you all.
  9. Hello Fester Tester Thank you also for explaining the Cabot/Fire situation so clearly, I cannot believe these people do this, if I did not have you fellow caggers I dread to think what sort of state I would be in now. You are right though, what do I have to lose by fighting? It could not be any worse than the mess I am already in. mam
  10. Sorry to sound dense dx but what does F & F stand for? Only 10% really... Cabot have already had an A/C in dispute letter and they responded with the insincere apology re FIRE and 'acknowledgement of debt' letter. Will keep in touch mam.
  11. Good evening Seminole. This is all still so daunting and confusing - thank you for the explanation. I certainly do not want to explore it further and I definately will not call them. Good evening dx. I CCA'd all three and only Equidebt responded within the given time frame. However, I am still waiting for a clear copy of the agreement from them. They and Wescot have been eerily quiet though...Still searching for the original agreements, will post when I find them. Seeing as none of them are willing to accept my repayment offer, I am at a loss as to what I should do next? mam
  12. Further development... Before I go off and do my daily bits, just wanted to share this with you. This was sent to me via email (had to provide them with an email address when I first communicated with them). LIMITED OFFER Dear Repaying your account – our offer to you If you respond within the next 30 days from the date of this letter, we are able to offer you a discount of up to 30%* to settle your account. This is a limited offer which is only available for 30 days from the date of this letter. If you’d
  13. Good morning dx Will go through my paperwork this weekend. @Fred, not sure why I have never contacted the CAB...anyway, I have one not to far from me so will see if I can possibly get an appointment next week. Do any other caggers have any personal experience of bancruptcy they are willing/able to share with me, good or bad? mam
  14. Good evening dx OMG, I have only just realised that you have already broken up the paragraphs on my post. I have just edited it and re posted, silly me. dx, it is good to know I am not alone, if you know what I mean. I believe I did take PPI's out with the loans and all three lenders refused to freeze interest so continued adding on the charges. mam
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