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  1. thank you soo much you do not how helpful you have been will let u know how i get on
  2. Thank you do u think this will be enough ?
  3. hi flyingdoc firstly thank you for taking the time to look at my prob. i did not allow the buyer to take the car for test drive before buying it. the car has always remained on my drive. i cant remember the exact time but he signed the V5 on the day before he left with the car and i think that must have been when the police officer saw the car when we were in the house filling out the details on V5. i did not receive a notification on the vehicle from the police on the car unless the boy i sold the car to took it off - i was stupid i gave the boy the keys to the car and left h
  4. Hello Everyone I am new to this site and would appreciate your help. Last year i sold my car at that point the car had SORN. this month i received a court summons saying that i failed to reply to a notice that i had my car on the road on the day it was sold - this was reported to the DVLA by a police officer who must have seen the car on the road when the buyer came to collect it. I am very worried the car all the time had been on my drive but the day i sold the car was the day the police saw it on the road. my questions are if the V5 shows the date of sale being the day t
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