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  1. And another thing.....(in case it has any relevance) On the PCN it states that the contravention is "Parked in a car park without clearly displaying a valid pay and display ticket or vouch or parking clock" - she had her disabled badge clearly showing together with her "time clock".
  2. Hi All, My Wife has been issued (on 23rd November) by Bolton Council with a PCN for parking in a standard car parking space as a disabled driver. She did not read the signs correctly and did not realise that she had to pay if she was parked in a "none disabled" space. Admittedly, there are a number of signs that have been put up around the car park, but in the car park "terms and conditions" sign, there is no mention of the condition requiring disabled drivers to pay if in a "standard" space. The disabled car parking spaces were full at the time she left the car. I emailed the council o
  3. They wrote to you so you have IN WRITING from them that they will not charge you...... If they insist that they are going to charge you, then in my opinon I (personally) would give them 2 options: 1 - Free Handsets or 2 - See you in court where you can show a print out of the email to the judge and he will instruct them that there is to be no charge........ Make sure you take legal advice before you do anything though, as this is just what I would do! To everyone else: If this is not legally correct feel free to correct me!
  4. I agree with this, however this would need to be checked. It may not be the fault of the bank but you are raising a concern with them. I recently had an unauthorised transaction out of my RBS account and they used the same line with me - my argument with the bank was that the transaction was not valid and therefore not authorised. In your case, you have authorised a transaction, but in my view the transaction is invalid as the value is incorrect. You authorised a payment to them and they took a much larger amount than was authorised - if this was done over the phone then it
  5. Was this taken by direct debit? If so then this will be covered by the banks direct debit guarantee - contact your bank immediatley and explain the situation and they should refund it straight away. It may help to have a copy of your bill from Orange to hand and actually go into your local bank branch for instant results. If it was taken by debit card then you may be able to report them for theft if you have not authorised this payment. If it was taken by credit card then your credit card should offer some protections - I forget exactly what the protections are, but contact them an
  6. I have spoken to my local council, and if you pay them directly then this DOES NOT include any Bailiffs charges etc; I am unsure if this differs between different councils...... Mine is Bolton Council. Cheers.
  7. Hi All, I have a problem with Jacobs Baliffs. They came to my home after I left for work one morning, and banged on the door until my wife opened it. She had just been about to get into the shower so was in her dressing gown when she opened the door. The agent pushed his way past her, wrote down 3 items on a Notice of Siezure of goods and inventory, and told her to sign at the bottom of the paperwork. Point 1. This debt was passed to the bailiffs prior to the final bill from a previous property being sent to us from the local council. Point 2. The agent was never asked into our
  8. Copied from Creditexpert website..... "An account is in default when you have not been able to keep to the terms of a credit agreement. We keep a record of these accounts for six years from the date the lender decided you had broken the terms of the agreement. The lender will have told you that the account was to be classed as being in default. The details about that account will show how much money you owed on the date when the agreement was broken (the defaulted date) and how much money you now owe. It will reflect any payments you have made to the organisation since the agreement was b
  9. Hi, I have gone through this...... PM Me if you still need help! I know it can be a nightmare! Hang in there; it will improve. Ste
  10. Hi All, I have two entries on my credit reference files which are from a debt which is at least two years old. The debt is not SB. I have moved house since taking out the account, and have written to JD on a number of occasions to advise them of this. The last letter that I remember sending (29/12/09) was sent recorded, to the debt collection agency (BCW) and also a copy to JD head office. After checking my CR file again today, still no change, so I checked the post office receipts against the website - they are both still "being processed for delivery"! Shall I send an
  11. Thanks once again! It may take me a few days to dig it all out, but will update this when I have done. The prepayment was a key type meter which was a nightmare to find a retailer who was willing to top it up by the way! Like a right idiot, I wrote down the final meter reading on an envelope, and then promptly used the envelope! What a plonker! I have not yet sent back a copy of the tenancy agreement, I wanted to post on here first to see what the best course of action was. I only spoke to them on the phone about the faulty meter, so never got anything into writing. Many Thanks.
  12. Hi, Thanks for your help. I have proof of the meter start reading and date from the tenancy agreement, signed by the letting agent as well as me. I requested the meter be changed as soon as I received the large bill; I was told it was not policy to change meter "just for the sake of it". At this I made it clear that I believed the meter to be faulty and was told the only way of getting a replacement meter was to go onto prepayment, but I would have to be in debt for that to happen. At that point, I had been making payments by direct debit regularly, so I was not in arrears. There was
  13. Yes. I moved out in November 2009, but Scottishpower are trying to charge me until Jan 2010
  14. The funny thing that gets me is that the bill went from £1200 and suddenly dropped to £834 and there was no mention of the £1200 again. Are the just picking figures out of the air?
  15. Thanks, wasn't sure weather or not to generate an extra thread! Cheers,
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