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  1. Hi, I am getting the same letters as you at around the same time. I am enjoying the dance and after a threat about OFT the phone calls have stopped, but I got a new letter today. It is from MHA offering me 'special offers' for clearing my debt. Looks like they don't think much of their chances in court! The advice on here is great, and with all the support we can beat them! :grin:
  2. What a fabulous letter vint! I am just sending off a few copies to Lloydstsb and their solicitors.
  3. Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately he took his fee before giving me the balance. I will start a complaint with the LSS, and see what happens.
  4. Hello, I hope someone can help with a wee query - although it is a long story! At the end of last year I bought and sold my house through a solicitor reccommended by my estate agent. He charged £1000 plus vat. He wasn't very good as I had to phone every couple of weeks for updates, then he would send me a letter the next day. I even had to contact him to check the sale/purchase had gone through as he didn't phone me on the day. Anyway, I moved at last. It was all completed then 13 days later I received a letter from him with 2 lines. 'We enclose copy letter from Northern Rock. Please arrange to send them a cheque to cover the balance.' Attached was a fax he had received from NR saying that the settlement for the mortgage was £866.80 short. I phoned the solicitor and asked for a redemption statement as he had not given me a copy. He sent it 7 days later. It clearly showed that the amount he had repaid was for a date 3 weeks after the closing date. It also clearly listed any adjustments that should be made if paying on a different date. He had not taken any of these into account. I had received money after the move but not a huge amount, and had already used it to pay for things and towards a debt (not that this is relevant to the issue with the solicitor). I sent him a letter saying I was unhappy that I had not received the service which I had paid for, and that his letter about the shortfall was unprofessional. It should have included an explanantion and apology at least. He did not respond. I recently sent him another letter as I have decided not to let it drop. He said that he did not get my previous letter but had received this one. Then he says 'We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you'. That's it! I want to pursue this further. Do I give him a chance to compensate me for the service he charged for but did not provide? Do I go straight to the LSS? What sort of compensation would be fair? Am I wasting my time? I am annoyed that a solicitor can't work out a redemption figure and doesn't think the error is anything to do with him. Sorry it's so long, thanks for reading! Any advice is gratefully received.
  5. Hi, Very disappointed and surprised to received my CCA from Lloyds last week. It was signed by me in August 1995. Who would have believed it? T
  6. Thank you both for your help. I will continue myself with the DMP as advised, and keep up the fight against LloydsTSB. Thanks
  7. Hello, I am trying to be responsible and pay off all my debts quickly and fairly, but have a wee problem. I requested my CCA from LloydsTSB and heard nothing for 6 weeks, so I stopped payments. I have sent the request letter, then the default letter, and will shortly send the phone harrassment one. My card is about 10 years old so I expect a good outcome. I contacted CCCS and was in the process of setting up a DMP for 3 other debts. They have told me they will not proceed unless I include the LloydsTSB card and make payments on it. They say '...there has been recent legal precedent suggesting that a creditor can take collection activities as normal, up to and even including a County Court Judgement (CCJ), even where the section 77-79 request has not been adhered to. Therefore, the position and advice of CCCS is to include such debts for repayment on the DMP along with your other credit debts. Unless you have confirmation in writing from Lloyds TSB (a copy to be provided to us) that they will take no further action against you on this debt, then we require that it be included for your DMP to proceed.' I do not want to make payments on the card as this would admit the debt. I think I will now set up my own payments with templates and advice from the forums, instead of using CCCS. It can't be that hard. Can anyone point the way? So keep this in mind if you might end up in the same situation. Thank you
  8. Hello, I have been reading the posts on this site and the advice is fab! I have familiarised myself with the procedure and requested a cca as per template letter N. It was received by LTSB on 16th so they have until 2nd April to reply. I have had the card for about 13 years so I am expecting a good outcome. My question is about the next payment on the card. It is due by 23rd March. Should I make the payment? Or is that admitting the debt? Or should I risk a default? I know my account will be in dispute after the 12 + 2 days but is it in dispute now? Thank you for your help
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