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  1. Hi There Yes I am in a union at work, i have never used it though. And we have all started writing notes down with dates, times and the incident but unfortunately we cant remember dates that go back months. And this is definitely not just 'robust management' !! I have never been spoken to by a manger in this way before, and neither have any of the other people involved. Thanks
  2. I work for a local supermarket and myself and several other members of staff want to raise a complaint about the deputy manager as we feel he is bullying. He swears, speaks to people unacceptably and upsets people. We have told him our concerns but he states we are 'throwing accusations'. The store manager and personel manager seem to stick up for him and so we do not know where to go with this. Please help, thanks
  3. It says that the day read from July to October was 5494 units and the day read from October to january was 3913 units. The night reading only totals £84.00 for the same period. The day readings though, from july to october when its warm is higher than october to january when we actually have had more heating on :-?
  4. Yesterday we received a visit from a man from meter plus advising us we owe NPower over £2000 We moved in here in March 2009 and they requested no money from us until August. I emailed them and they replied and stated they were sorry that it took so long to set up the account and they were wanting £350 from us . We could not pay this all in one lump sum and stated that if the account was set up quicker then the bill would have been lower and we would have paid smaller amounts monthly which is normal I assume. Instead, we had to wait 6 months to hear anything from them. Last week I spoke
  5. Do i need a solicitor to take him to court? He has a solicitor (apparently) so am worried he will win anyway!
  6. He has now paid us a cheque for the £500 less £150 for what he sees as damage we caused. We have put the cheque in the bank as i owe my mum it for the bond she lent us on our new home. Should i have done that and should i maybe still take it to court? Not sure???!! Thanks for all your adive guys
  7. Well, we've had a response! He is offering us the bond back less £200. He says he had to pay £80 for a cleaner, £40 to replace the stairs carpet and £100 for a joiner to fix the floorboards in the loft which now apparently were not caused by the leak but by a friend of ours who stayed with us, leaving the velux windows open when it rained. He says we were subletting, however it was a friend who stayed a while, paid us little and he knew about her and is now using the word 'subletting'! He says we can accept his offer or go to court and he has taken pictures of all the damage too. So
  8. Ok well i wrote a letter to my ex landlord last week requesting the bond back within 7 days otherwise I will take him to court.....so far we have had no word from him! Funnily enough now we have moved house we have just received a certificate from the deposit protection scheme to 'prove' this deposit IS protected...funny we never had one from the ex landlord...wonder what he will do next...ignore it or try and get out of it!!!! What do I do if I hear nothing from him???
  9. Thanks for the reply Our deposit was not protected, it was paid in cash to the landlord when we moved in and was not done through an estate agent. However he did say his solicitor is dealing with it and it would be a week until we received the bond back...obviously things have now changed as he has said we will not get it back.
  10. In November 2007 me and my partner moved into a cottage which was privately rented costing us £500 per month in rent and £500 bond. Last week we moved out and the landlord is refusing to give us our bond back despite on the day of us handing the keys back he said everything was ok and I signed a piece of paper where he stated we would get the full bond back. Since then he has been round to our new home and said we will not be getting the bond back due to the following reasons : 1) The stairs carpet needs replacing (this carpet was already tatty when we moved in and is the only carpet in
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