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  1. Hi. Can you help me with the following: Lloyds TSB has offered a 30% settlement discount on what i believe to be an enforceable 2007 credit card agreement. They state that on receipt of payment they or the DCA will not pursue me any further on the account. Is there a standard letter, which I believe I have seen somewhere on the forum stating something along the lines that the payment is in full and final settlement and no adverse credit history will be given. Any help appreciated
  2. The copy is what my son in law found in his file. It is along time ago but he presumes that he signed the original. The loan was taken out in Feb 2007. Secured on property. No arrears. When he phoned the tel number which he had, he was told that EPF was no longer trading but HFC was now taking payments etc. Figures are correct. No CCA has been applied for yet. Main concern at present is if anyone can see any flaws in the agreement
  3. This apparantly was a copy. I am told original would have been signed
  4. A family member has asked me to help in finding out if the agreement is enforceable or not. Also, I understand that EPF is no longer trading and I believe is owned by HFC. Can anybody confirm who I would apply to for a subject data request. Any help appreciated scan0001.pdf scan0002.pdf
  5. Hi. Claim is dated 4th September. I believe the day of service is taken as 5 days after this date making it the 9th September. Thereforefore, I make it the 6th October it has to be in by. POC in MBNA name with restons as solictors
  6. Received a reply today in respect of the CPR 18 request which is attached. Any suggestions on whats next? scan0001.pdf
  7. Still not had anyone look at this for me. Anybody !!!!!!
  8. Okay. Now I know. You say that they have not identified your account They have typed in the account number but I have tipp-exed it out. Is this what you mean thats missing?
  9. Hi. Thanks for input. I know I should know but what is POC? Have asked for letter of termination in the CPR 18 request and has just been posted. Will send the Aos as you suggest and wait for the CPR 18 Thanks
  10. Hi. Where to I find the CPR 18 template please and what further information would I be asking for? Thanks
  11. Hi. Attached particulats of claim. scan0001.pdf
  12. Hi. Received mint agreement under subject data request. But the terms sent are current terms. Surely under a data request they have to send all data which must then include the terms that you signed for. How do I get them to send these? Is the attached agreement unenforceable? Thanks mint agreement0001.pdf scan0001.pdf
  13. Hi. Thanks for reply. Regarding the order of the prescribed terms. I have looked through the link that you sent me but 50 pages of them is alot to take in and after trying I am no better off. Any chance you could help out here and explain what should be in what order. Cheers
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