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  1. Yesterday we had 2 calls from them, both wanting to speak to Gary, one was bout midday and the other was at just gone 8, last night. Can they still do it, even though they have sent court papers???
  2. New TOMTOM seems fine, it's updated, which is more than the last one, the new windscreen mount is a bit different and takes a bit of getting used to, but it all looks ok, so far. Lets hope!!!!!
  3. Not as far as some retailers and Halfords are concerned. The washing machine manufacturer Hotpoint say after 30days it is no longer the sellers resp, but theirs, know that one already, been their done it. So it's not always right.
  4. Yep, tell me about it, I am fed up dealing with this bunch of cretins, thier is no way, that when this TOMTOM, finally gives up, I won't buy another one. After having to deal with this lot almost on a day to day basis, I have been looking around at different sat navs, and I've read good reports on Navgon's they used to suply Sony with thier software, so I think when this one goes bang, I'll go for something like that.
  5. The contract with the seller, normally only lasts for 30 days or so. The saga goes on, they sent me new unit, with brand new software, it wouldn't conect to me computer, it would update to a point and then crash, so hubby called them again, went through everything the customer service rep, who finally asked what software did the machine have installed on it, so gaz gave the ref and the CS went thats old software, so gaz went right is it, thats strange as I have a letter here stating " and I quote, We are pleased to confirm we have in warranty(new 2 year one, not just a years any longer thanks
  6. We have just got another letter from Carter. This is what it says: Dear Mr *******, As you have failed to make repayments on the above account(we still are making payments, just not to them) we have now issued litigation proceedings in the county court. You will receive the claim form in the next 48hrs direct from the court(bit late, the court pappers arrived on Saturday and are dated the 18th) You can telephone us on 0845 3133128 and discuss this case with your account manager(like hell, I told them that on the phone Fri morning, i told them to do what they liked as they w
  7. My dad, yesterday went into their local HSBC which is in a local shopping centre and was open, to see if he could do anything. So he explained what had gone on and that not only 1 but 2 plates for sale on this site, which were advertised by them as for sale, were not. So the woman was very helpfull and has been in touch with HSBC visa and started either a claw back from Reg Transfers or HSBC will refund the amount back to my parents account and then HSBC visa, will go after Reg Transfers. I have now found my mum another plate, which is from a legit site and only this place can really have the
  8. Ok, here we go, last Jan I bought a TOMTOM one from Halfords online, had a problem with it, was told by Halfords to ring TOMTOM, so I did they guy at tomtom was very helpfull, and sorted it ok fine, then about a month ago it wouldn't work properly, it told me that I could not navigate back to my home address as their no number on that road, but that it could navigate back to 22 - 44, now my number is in that range. Ok strange also on a trip to Maidstone, I was still showing as being outside my home add in Brodastairs, fine I got verbal instructions, ok, not good, but I could get home using tho
  9. You might be able to, but I wouldn't be 100% sure, you could go on the tact of that I was unaware of my rights at the time. I used that with TOMTOM, a week ago and it worked for me, but i was not offered any money back, but it had already been repaired(1). So you could try it.
  10. Nothing yet. The last press items were from july. Thats all that can be found at the moment online.
  11. JAN1471

    Argos Sofa

    It took a little while to get the sofa, because of the sofa being in a different warhouse, to where the chair was, so we emailed Sara Wellers pa agin and acyually got him on the phone this time, saying that he was arranging for the chair to be transfered to where the sofa was and would we accept del on wed of this week, said ok, no probelm, then had him on the phone saying that due to the bank holiday, could they deliver it on thursday and that he could give me a 2hr time slot, sure fine, no problems with that. Early on thursday morning got a call, sying that they would be here at 12 to pick t
  12. Ok, so here we go, my mum and and dad, came over on bank holiday Monday and my mum was on about private registration plates for her car, that her and my dad share. Ok. so goto reg transfers site, look and find one for her N3**B*S, ok buy it paid on my dad's visa card as the car is in his name, Ok fine, get through to the final page and it says that the reg is being done on a cert, but that they have paid for plates to be made(strange surely the site should take of cert)not done showing reciept that it is being done on cert and paltes have been paid for, ring cust service say have no recor
  13. We had a problem with our LG dvd recorder, we excahnged it from a sony model which wouldn't go multi region, so rang the Maidstone branch, they asked us to get it to them asap, and they would excange for the LG, we paid £100 for the sony and they wiped the extra £30 for the LG we got given lollys and mugs because of the trip we made. A few months ago the LG had a problem would not write to disks, so we rang maidstone, I couldn't find the extra care that I had taken out on it, so they asked for postcode came up arh Mrs N*****d, we have it here don't worry bring it back and well we repair or rep
  14. JAN1471

    Argos Sofa

    We went to see the manager of tthe local store where we placed the order. She could understand what we were saying and if she had the power she would take this sofa away and replace it with a new one at no extra cost, but as she said her hands are tied by head office. She asked if if we could match the colour with another sofa, but the problem we have is that the sofa may be the same colour but it is not the same design, ours has rounded arms and the one of a similar cost has squared arms, so it will not match in design. Hubby and me are the same thought that we will have to email Sarah W
  15. Stick with Virgin. Sky's customer service is dire. Esp their broadband customer service. We are in the process of moving our broadband with them, in total over 3 days we spent 6hours on the phone trying to get our broadband sorted out, we kept being given the run around doing the same tests for 3 days and we tried to be put through to their customer solutions department for the same 3 days with no sucess. We also tried out the hd service and we saw no change in the picture quality, so we told them to take it back, that was 3 weeks ago and I only got the refund yesterday back to my debit c
  16. I'll give the bad news first, as the phone is 2 months old, as far as I am aware O2 have a repsonsilbility for the first 30days(I may be wrong and I'm sure someone will tell you if I am) but you have a 12 month warranty with Apple the makers of the phone. It would mean them having to have a look at the phone to check it out and find the fault, which in turn would mean that you don't have to claim on the insurance route. It may be worth bearing in mind that the bods at the Eu state that electrical equipment should be guaranteed for at least 2 years. I found that out from one of the main newspap
  17. JAN1471

    Argos Sofa

    Thanks for the bump OA. I have spoken to consumer direct(trading standards for South east). They say that Argos have broken the contract that I made with them when I bought the suite, as it is not of reasonable standard and of the quality that it should be. They say that I should goto the store and speak to the manager of the store where it it was bought from.They told me to take photos of the damage with us and also to tell them that the person that they sent out to have a look, also said that the chair was defective. They said that we could goto the small claims court for any money
  18. JAN1471

    Argos Sofa

    I'll start, in May, I ordered and paid for a leather sofa and recliner chair, fine, they were delivered on the 1st april. Fine great, they looked nice and fitted in well, with my living room, then we started to notice on the recliner, that the seat leather was starting to crease and become saggy, then we noticed little marks on one arm of the chair, so we called them and they said that they would send someone out to have a look. The guy came out and said that the seat hadn't been pulled tight enough when it was made, and that the marks were a defect. So he took photo's and sent them back
  19. Then today I got this is the post: Notice of Legal Action(in big black letters) Account due to Client ref Our ref Amount to be sued Your Failure to respond to previous letters has resulted in your account being passed to this department for COURT ACTION and our SOLICITORS may prepare the COURT PAPERS within seven days. If you wish to aviod Legal Action you must pay in full today using the attached giro or you can phone and pay by Debit or Credit card or alternatively you must immediately telephone our Legal Manager on 0870 050 1045(Like HELL am I) Supervisor C
  20. We don't which of them has put them on, if it's the client VB, or droyds or wescot, as it says that I am 8 payments late which is very wrong as this was being paid through a DMP, on a four weekly bassis. So I think I will have to send a remove the default letter as up untill a few months ago they were being paid, so I don't know, why the hell, they have been put on their as they agreed to the amount that was being paid.
  21. I've gotthe same with JD williams, they are still logging defaults on my file, so i will do the same as mine is now in dispute with them, these guys like to think that the OFT laws don't apply to them and only to Joe bloggs. We are still waiting for Fredrickson's to send gary a copy of his signed cca, for egg card, they have unill this Fri to get it to us, if it hasn't arrived on Fri morning I will be sending the the account in dispute letter and then let them go from their I will also inform the DMP, to stop paying them until they can give us a a cca for the account. We've had letters fr
  22. Today I have recieved this letter from Wescot. Dated 19/05/2009 Dear Mrs ******** Thank you for your patience whilst we investigated the enquiry that you raised with regaurd to the above account. What was the outcome(in bold black letters) We can confirm that as a consequence of the query you raised, the above account has been returned to our client. what does that mean(bold black letters again, they like using big black letters, does it make them feel important?) We have closed the debt on our comp
  23. No our was dated and sent on the 14th, their reply is dated 19th May
  24. Hi, Had an interesting return letter from BC today. Here it goes. This is dated 19th May 09 Dear Mr ******* We thank you for your recent communication reguarding this account. We have reffered the matter to our client and will revert to you as soon as we are in receipt of instructions. In the mean time we confirm that we have placed the account on hold. Yours sincerely Bryan Carter. Now this letter was sent on the 14/5/09 so they have until Friday 28th to get the documents to us, if they don't turn up, then on Monday we send the default letters to Fried
  25. I would say, that he hasn't got the documents I would wait and see what Fredrickson's come up with, if anything, they probably won't have the cca either. When does the CCA time end ie the 12+2 for you? Cos what I would do is the day after the time is up, is goto the templates letter and send them an account in dispute letter and maybe just for BC's sake, send him a letter kind of along the lines of: Dear Numpty, Thank for your letter dated****, the contents of which have been noted and for your information I have also written to on Fredrickson International Ltd for a true c
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