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  1. Thanks Ada Its not looking that good then. I will have to grub around and see if i can get at least £10 from someone, and follow the letter above. Then at least i should have bought some time. Or As the letter states them will come and chase me, so fingers crossed that employment comes in. I was hoping to hear if I had a job today but the call did not come. Also had an interview but that was canceled yesterday but should be re-scheduled. So maybe a week to sort things out? Either way its gonna be a white knuckle ride. Cheers George
  2. Thanks scott At this point I don't even have £10 (it really is that bad). Thanks for your advice anyway.
  3. Thanks Scott, The position I'm in just now I can't pay anything, until I find work. thenI wil be able to make payments and hopefuly carry on as before. thework situation could change at any moments as I have a couple of possible positions but untill then ??? /George
  4. Do you think it would be possible to seporate my 1/2 of the bill from the Ex wifes. I don't want my non payment to cause her problems ie having wages arrested etc. Because that will in turn effect our kids who live with her.
  5. Hi I need some Advice and my problem is, Letter attached from Scotts & Co We (my Ex wife and me) had an agreement to pay £60 Per month (£30 each) I have just found after calling Scotts & co, she defaulted last month and that is why the letter was send out. The only option Scotts gave me was to pay the whole sum or come up with an agreement with increased payments. At present I'm not working, I cant sign on due to missed Stamp payments from a couple of years ago when self-employed, and have nothing coming in.Thankfully my partner is supporting me just now while I loo
  6. Hi, Good news My Missus just called, she has just seen the Bank Manager and all charges have been nulled. :D Tyhanks again for the good advise and keep up the good work. /George
  7. Cheers Scott Will send her into the bank on Monday
  8. To be honest I think i have more chance of growing another head than getting money out of the so and so but your letter idea sounds good. i know for a fact it would noise him up. That in itself would give me great satisfaction. I'll give it a whirl 8) Thanks
  9. Hi, I have a problem with my ex boss, not sure what can be done but any advice or ideas would be welcome. Even if its just to noise him up What went wrong. 1 The lane lane phones were cut off (boss could not pay) I used my mobile for business calls. the bill £80 odds. He paid this 2 Next mobile bill cam in for £70 odds. He did not pay this. Here is where it gets complicated. The Mobil is in my wifes name, i have split from the wife. The bills go to my wife and she can't pay so the charges a re mounting up. i hear they are around the £300 mark now. She has contact
  10. Hi Terry Just read your thread with interest as my partner is in the same boat. Thanks for the advice Lex, I feel in a good position to do battle with HBOS. My partner received a letter today with 3 x £35 "fees" because 3 direct debits did not have enough money available and "as a result we will take fees from your account". OK gonna try stage one and send her into the branch and ask fro the fees to be waived, fingers crossed. I have a question. The account is now be in unauthorized overdraft, so should I tell her to leave as is or find funds to get it back into
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