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  1. Yep its the only one on there. Il be keeping an eye on it at least untill the mortgage goes through ok. Fingers crossed we have no more hickups like that. So it goes to show if you have a valid complaint, complain and complain untill you get the descision you want
  2. Obv it still shos 3 but the whole default has been removed by looks of it. The nukber scoring is at 0 instead of 8
  3. Just again wanted to say thankyou. After about 5 calls to 3 since Thurs and using some of the things you ahve all suggested on here, they have finally taken the default off and it all looks clear and is satisfactory. Its doesnt show anything else
  4. I shall add that to the letter. I did mention it when 3 called me the other day but to be honest they are useless on the phone
  5. Thanks for all the advice. I will write with all facts and dates where possible. I'l try anything thats free. the only time I got told a default may be put on is when I phoned their debt collector and they said I need to pay by a certain date or a default will be put on so I paid it there and then even though I disagreed I should be paying it
  6. Yep gottit Sounds like they have canceled the contract on their terms then and probable nothing I can do
  7. Sounds confusing OK so are they right in putting a default on my record even though I paid the outstanding balance as soon as I was aware?
  8. No I didnt even use the phone. I charged it fully as stated in the manual and then turned it on to have a look at it but I couldnt get on with the buttons. It was prob on for 5 mins and I turned it off and then packaged it back up and called 3. They would see I had the phone for less than 24 hours
  9. I think this was the problem I had with my complaint and why I was canceling my contract. I got through to so many dif people. that 1 minute I was told it was canceled then it wasnt then it was and it went on like this for weeks
  10. The problem I had with 3 when canceling my contract is apparently I said I had inserted my sim card into the first phone, however this was not an issue when they placed a 2nd order for a dif phone. It was only when they called me back after placing the 2nd order there was an issue and I was told I would not be able to return the phone if I disliked it so I asked to cancel there and then and they said that was ok and to refuse the delivery of the phone and return the 1st phone. I did this and wrote to them, emailed them to say I had done what they asked and requested the contract to
  11. Im not sure. the lady wasnt english but spoke it very clearly. She never gave me a reason really. It seems its been put on my record as a default because the payment had to be collected via a debt collector. However if three had sent me a bill or contacted me before this, I would have paid it then
  12. I emailed them but they just called and said they would say its paid but it cant be removed the record shows Default Balance: £42 Current Balance: Satisfied Will they change this?
  13. I will defo still write a letter and i will still send the letter to Experian. At least if they cant take it off I can put the details of what happened on there for lenders to see in my words. I just hope our Mortgage advisor comes up trumps and manages to get us a mortgage at a good rate with out this being a problem Makes me wish i had just stayed with 3 now and we wouldnt be having this problem
  14. Really? What a pain. They should have canceled the contract and told me it had been canceled. I take it this will make no difference? The report states default. can this not be changed to satisfactory?
  15. Iv contacted Otelo about this already as 3 told me they had canceled the contract and then went back on it. I agreed to pay what they asked even though I was in my full rights to refuse to pay it as the contract should have been canceled as agreed. I paid it as I didnt want a bad credit record but its seems it hasnt made a difference. I will be writing to Experian to ask they remove it and why. I will also write to 3. I have already called 3 and requested they remove it but said they cant do it. Maybe I should call again?
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