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  1. thank you , i will compose a letter tomorrow, any idea what line to take with them rosie posie
  2. thank you alanalana, this present loan for ppi is about 2004,so the original one 2002 or 2003, does anyone have a letter or advise on the line i should take to the halifax while they um and ar for the next 21 days as to who gets my ppi award , me or dca. they will be looking over the statement THEY sent to me saying in black and white ,that the account has been paid in full thanks
  3. reading one of alanalana post , i have only just realised the ppi fight i am having now is on a top up from the original loan, which has to be paid off before you get the rest of the new loan, i don,t remember when i first took out the first loan ( before 2004) or where the paper work is , can i claim ppi on the first one ,it must have had ppi on it , is there away to get the details ,and is there a time limit to claiming ? the first loan was for £10,000 rosie posie:confused:
  4. alanalana just reading through some of your posts and which have just jolted my memory ,the ongoing issue of the loan , i have just realised was a top up from the oringinal loan ,which you have to pay off ,thay must have had ppi attached,is there a time limit to claming
  5. thanks .i think i'll send them a letter first telling them i am going to proceed with fos
  6. many thanks for your advise alanalana i will probably do that only problem is the loan was written off , but they sent a statement to me that said account was repaid, ( don't know how)i was just incensed a the thought of the dca getting £ 4000 so not sure how far to push it
  7. can anyone suggest a letter i can write ,i have already give them 14 days since last letter
  8. received letter from halifax today because i sent a copy of the statement and strongly objected to the ppi award going to a dca ,they have passed it onto their legal team ,thanked me for my patience and said they will reply in 21 days signed from the 7th or 8th customer relations manager i have dealt with,,thanks for your help
  9. thank you cyberusalert, i will do that ,also hoping for the ppi money to be sent to me
  10. when i requested a sar from halifax, the statement they sent said "as shown by the final figure quoted on the statement ,i can confirm that you have repaid your account"i posted this letter previously on here and you told me to keep that letter very safe,have explained on previous post do not know how the acount was repaid but it is down as payment from me dec 2008 and balance reads £ -
  11. thank you cyberusalert, but the cca and the account statements they have sent look right ,although i have not acknowledged this debt to 1st cretins , connaught in march lcs , judge and priestly now connaught again so should i sent it anyway
  12. hello ,have sent 2 recorded delivery letters to the halifax giving them 7 days to sent cheque to me after their last letter awarding me £4000 plus, but they where sending it to dca within 28 days, i sent them a copy of the statement i got of them saying the account was repaid and a strong worded letter , today got reply thanking me for recent correspondence and it had been passes to their legal team and where awaiting comments and would respond within 21 days and thanking me for my patience from the 6th or 7 th customer relations manager i have dealt with. any advise please
  13. Advise please..,after a few quite weeks although the phone still rings with no one there, received in the post letter from connaught. re; 1st credit-halifax. " please find enclosed information regarding debt we have received from client and we await your proposals towards settlement within 7 days." also i am having a ongoing war of letters regarding the ppi of the debt with halifax ,who recently awarded £4000 in compensation ,then said they where going to send it to dda within 28 days i sent them a copy of a letter stating we had totally repaid our loan and the debt was written off
  14. thanks for reply,have sent a copy and letter to them today,by recorded delivery and have give them 7 days to sort it , will let you know
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