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  1. They just don't get it. I like the fact that the are sorry they've just passed my account to a DCA, that's not much help for me now, is it? Isn't there some regulation that they can not just pass your detaisl on while you are disputing a bill? I do find the lack of favourable customer legislation in the UK pretty amazing at times... Writing to their customer relations department now. Really loosing the will to live with these guys.
  2. Cheers mate That is almost too much information for me! This s10 thingy, where do I send it? To Vodafone or their debt collectors? I'll google a template in any case now. I'll do the Consumer Credit Act thing as well. Thanks for sharing it's very much appreciated!!! Frank
  3. I am at wits ends with the lovely guys at Vodafone. I have been with them on contract, PAYG and contract again for the almost 4 years and despite some hick ups here and there always found their CS very helpful; until early February 2009 that is. I cancelled my last 18months contract 5 months early in December 2008 - just had to get the iPhone I knew I'd had to pay a few quid and wasn't too bothered. What bothered me was the fact that from end of December 08 until early February was radio silence and out of the blue a final reminder for a whopping £241.13 A call to the number on the letter got me nowhere apart from being told my contract was until December 2009 and because I cancelled early that's £241.12, then being stuck on hold on their 0870 number for almost 30min, online account & online enquiry form didn't work - error loading the page - so I've sent an email explaining I never in my life had a 24month contract, how exactly the amount has been calculated (being on a £25 a month and according to them cancelling 12months ahead - as they claim I did - equals £300 from where I'm standing). I only got a generic reply not answering any of my question or concern that there might be a mistake - wouldn't be the first time after having the wrong minutes & texts at the beginning and then being charged, refunded, etc. So I again explained everything via Email on the 15th of Feb. Once more I hear nothing at all until almost 2 weeks later on the 28th of Feb, only this time the generic replies coincides with a letter from the debt collecting agency. Turns out while I'm trying to get to the bottom of this Vodafone decided to pass my case on (21st of Feb, I checked with debt collecters) rather than speaking to me. I'm furious, beyond fed up and another letter and call today didn't amount to anything. I feel like BBC watchdog is the only option. That or me going mental at their head office and having a "falling down" moment. Any of you had probs like this. What did you do? How did it work out in the end? I renewed my contract on the phone by the way, never received something in writing and there is also a big fat '18M' printed on my last paper bill - which I assume could mean 18 months!? Sorry for the long post and thanks for your comments
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