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  1. Mr Shed or anyone else about to shed any more light on the situation? Many thanks.
  2. There is a written contract. The basement can't be slept in but it is used on a daily basis for washing/gym equipment and storage. My point is that the property is probably an HMO. If so then the landlord is responsible unless the contract says otherwise, which it does. However, the contract says the landlord has the proper consents to lease the property. I would argue that he does not have the proper consents from the Council as they must authorise the leasing of an HMO. Where the contract fails, so do any terms in it. If I can reclaim rent paid for his failure to register it might
  3. Thanks. We have problems with mice which we've repeatedly asked him to address and there's also an issue with the electricity supply in the extension (kitchen and back bathroom). It shorts quite frequently and this then turns off the electricity supply to all sockets around the house. I've wanted out for a very long time but when I thought the tenancy had lapsed (because one of the tenants had left and told me she was no longer paying rent), she was in fact still paying (or so he says). Had it lapsed then he would have had to renegotiate with me and I could have left at that point.
  4. Hi. I need help with what I think is an unlicensed HMO that I rent with a few others. Basically it's a 5 bedroom house with a basement that is being used daily, first floor with two bedrooms, a communal living room, kitchen and bathroom and a second floor with two bedrooms, communal bathroom and another bedroom which is rented to some of the tenants as "office room". It is therefore a three floored property. A rents Room 1. Room 2 is currently empty but according to the landlord is rented by B. Upstairs is rented by C (landlord's daughter - we didn't elect to live with her so to spe
  5. Hi. If the tenancy agreement specifies that the utilities will be reconciled each quarter but despite repeated requests from tenants the landlord fails to furnish said tenants with a copy of the utilities, must they still pay the bills in full when given the total amount over a year later? Thanks.
  6. Hi. Paid my deposit prior to April 6th 2007 but have signed two ASTs since then requiring the same deposit to be paid. Obviously this has stayed in the landlord's hands for ease rather than be returned to me and then paid back. There's no provision in the contract for TDS compliance and I'm certain he hasn't protected the money anyway. I've certainly never received any word of it. I'll be moving out in the next couple of months and will attempt to get the deposit back plus a fine for LL's non compliance with the legislation. However, given it was paid prior to the commencem
  7. Both the tenant that left and also the tenant that remains but didn't sign the contract have recently started to observe a term of the contract that wasn't being enforced, following a complaint from me. Suppose that indicates a willingness to be bound?
  8. Right, get you. One was here from before the last tenancy agreement so would his contract not now be a periodic tenancy or is he bound by the agreement also? If this is the case then I can leave as the one leaving meant that the landlord accepted the change in circumstances and cancelled the tenancy agreement in letting her leave.
  9. Flying doc, thanks for the reply. It's a joint tenancy and says explicitly that it's covered by joint and several liability. There were meant to be fout signatories to it and those four names are included on the document I signed. However, two of them did not sign it. One of them has now left the property, the other remains on a rolling contract. I was led to believe that each tenant was signing it and returning it to the landlord separately. I have started paying the new amount of rent but I never intended to be bound by a joint and several contract with this other remaining signato
  10. Now I'm starting to get really confused. I think from what I can find on the internet that because not all of the tenants signed the contract then it is in fact void. If it's void then I'm on a periodic contract which is the old contract continued which was on the same terms as the one I was in last year and is still for a fixed term of one year. My deposit is not currently in a TDS. If the contract from July 1st 2008 was valid then my deposit (paid before April 4th 2007) is protected. If it's invalid because not everyone signed it then my deposit isn't protected. Is this right?
  11. In early February 2009, one of four housemates told the landlord she wanted to leave the property and gave notice to terminate the AST agreement. It transpired that as she'd not actually signed the contract she didn't need to give notice anyway, or so the landlord and she said. Further, one of the other supposed signatories hadn't signed the contract. This leaves me as one signatory and the landlord's daughter, both who provided signatures separately but at the beginning of the tenancy. I'm desperate to leave the property and thought I'd found a way out because one of the tenants had give
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