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  1. Ha ha!! Okey dokey Donkey!! (is that a quote from Shrek do you think)????
  2. Thanks for the advice, I must admit I was just going to leave it but I'm really angry now so plan of action is to compain to OFT, Trading Standards and I was thinking what about the Law Society, surely the fact that they had a solicitor contact me when the account was Statute Barred contravines legislation?!?!?!
  3. How would I go about complaining and I read somewhere that I could claim compensation???
  4. Hi Just to keep you all updated and to thank everyone who helped. Received a letter today from Cabot: Here goes: We acknowledge that your above reference account IS statute barred and so governed by the Limitation Act 1980. Under OFT guidelines it is accepted that legally the debt still exists but the collections of these debts must in no way be contrary to section 40 (1) of the Administration of Justice Act 1970. Whilst we don't consider our actions to have breached any law or regultory guideline, you accout has been WITHDRAWN for our regular collections process.
  5. Thank you for the advice, as you can probably see from my previous post I am the consumate worrier!! A I said, I've sent the statute barred letter so I will just sit back and wait (anxiously)!! xxx
  6. Hi Just a quick update, I sent the Statue Barred letter, unsigned and recorded delivery. Unable to upload the info as my scanner is misbehaving at the moment. When I've looked properly at the info they sent me is states that it is an application form, has all the standard info, i.e. address, employment etc then where the signature is it states that "This is a credit agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Sign if you want to be legally bound by its terms". Should I be worried?? Also whilst going through paperwork I found the last letter (which I ignored) received from them
  7. Ok, there is no mention of credit limite, repayments etc, it is a basic application form. Going to try and upload if you could take a look that would be great but the copy is not good. Thanks again for your help.
  8. Morning Thank you to everyone that has given me advice. Got to work and checked the stuff I had. The copy agreement they sent is actually the application form not the CCA (I think). The correspondance I had with them is 5th June 06, stating categorically that I disputed ownerhip of the account. Here's the other thing, I put my new name on the letter but they are still addressing stuff as my previous name. So next step is going to be that I send the Statute Barred letter, sit back and wait. Once again thank you.
  9. Thanks for all your help, might be able to sleep now
  10. Thanks, I'll still upload the stuff tomorrow and send the letter as suggested. The letter do I just send it to the solicitor (diff address to the one I have for Cabot) or do I send it to both??
  11. I just wrote that I was still disputing ownership and that I wanted proof and then when the photocopy arrived and the request for utility bills and a copy of my passport I wrote back saying that I still disputed the claim, that it was impossible to get copies of utility bills (I still lived with my parents in 96) and a copy of my passport with previous signature (as I was married in 96), they wanted allsorts of stuff, marriage certificate etc, which they got none of, the copy of the letter I sent and the CCA are at work filed away so will upload them tomorrow. Thank you for all your help and
  12. Sorry got confused and posted in the wrong place, but getting help now thank you.
  13. No payments ever made and never accepted liability for the debt in writing but I think possibly in the very early days which would have been around 1999/2000 before I really understood what it was I called and asked them to contact me on a mobile to arrange payments, I then asked for proof never received it and here we are today. Would the fact that I wrote to them in 2005 not overrule the Statute Barred??
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