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  1. Hi Folks It's been a while since I posted on here but thought I would tell you my little story regarding the cold weather payments and the little stink and fight I have now got going. OK .... Well due to the massive increase in gas & electric bills I have been keeping an extremely close eye on these temperatures on a daily basis. In my postcode area of CW12 it was 0 or below from 12/1/13 to 27/1/13 every single day with not one day where the temperature was above 0. I had one payment of £25 sent to my bank but there should be two payments issued so I did a little bit of investigating and here is what I found out. I rang the DWP and asked what weather station they use to obtain the readings from to decide if my area was 0 or below and they called me back a little later to confirm they used the Rostherne station near to Manchester which I understand to have replaced the Woodford station. I then checked google for the Rostherne weather station and temperatures and checked the readings every single day and sure enough it never got above zero for 15 consecutive days. The full chart and every single readout can be clearly seen on the website by everyone to check. I also used 4 other different websites for the weather in my postcode area and they also confirmed the same results. Now this is where the fun starts , I see on the direct gov website cold weather payment screen it states very clearly that you will recieve £25 for every period of 7 consecutive days where your LOCAL temperature and I stress the word LOCAL temperature is either RECORDED at or FORECAST to be 0 degrees over 7 consecutive days ! The issue I have here is the named weather station used is roughly 25 miles from my address and I would not class that as being LOCAL ! .... even though all online weather reports show my particular postcode address as being below for 15 days. I have then called the MET OFFICE and had my own case number issued for a detailed forecast for my area between the dates specified but to get this information sent on a MET OFFICE headed letter with a detailed printout it will cost me £200 + VAT ! I have being to see my MP and she will be writing on my behalf to the DWP with this all in full detail and I know for 100% the temperatures are correct. If I don't get a satisfactory response to this and my £25 payment I am determined to start legal proceedings despite the costs involved as if the MET OFFICE confirm that these temperatures were 0 or below for the dates above for my postcode area and Rostherne how can they deny this ? ... Do the MET OFFICE reports lie ? I feel this strongly over this as I was on an ENERGYCARE PLUS scheme with my supplier which gave me 20% of each quarterly bill for both my gas & electric which added up to about £330 per yr discount. Since then our wonderful government have made all energy suppliers scrap their own schemes in the name of more FAIR energy bills for all and introduce a one off payment by warmfront for just £130 per year ! .... so I am £200 a year less help. I encourage anyone who thinks their weather payments are wrong to do a little digging on this as I can't see how they can say for one the weather station to me is local and also my local temperature was for sure below and that is clearly shown on the website ! STRENGTH IN NUMBERS FOLKS , fed up with this government at moment and it's always the poor and needy which get stung the most !!
  2. Demand your rights to record the interview and note taking , no matter what they say as these people will twist your answers to stop your money !!
  3. Said it for years this ATOS company are just plain corrupt , taking to the streets is the only way to get results today !! Us brits never do anything just bitch and moan to one another , take a leaf from the students protests I say even if it means riots !
  4. Well the meeting went well (NOT) just a standard bull reply that basically said tough ! I really think I have just about had enough of been bent over a barrel this year what with my income support appeal that I won at least but now this worry. I think its nigh on time the people in the UK that are suffering through these cuts that we all get together like the students and maybe even team up together violence or not they don't seem to listen so what the hell. There is big big trouble brewing in this country and even more so when they try to force people to work for their benefits next year. All I can see is total anarchy brewing in the UK
  5. Hi Folks I have a meeting today with my MP over this nonsense and the hardship it is bringing to my family , I was wondering if we could start a proper facebook campaign over this and get as many people together as possible to help start a fight against this. Well let you all know what is happening later and please post your ideas as this cannot continue.
  6. Well my experience with the appeal team of the DWP is best described as a bunch of retards who don't listen and all they want to do is cause you hardship and suffering , bunch of *******
  7. Always always lodge an appeal when you score below 15 points at a ATOS medical you have a 90% chance of winning on appeal beleive me I see it everyday Colin Cheers Colin I won my case on tuesday just gone , Atos are a bunch of the lowest **** to walk the earth.
  8. Do you know what amazes me more than anything in this country Why are we such a bunch of pussies when it comes to getting our point across In France they take to the street and kick off , In Greece they riot to show they are not happy , In Thailand they riot etc etc What do we all do apart from bitch and moan , no wonder nothing is ever done to support our cause
  9. I have just about had enough of this When I read reports like this it really does get my back up big time. I wonder if they will pay me to stock my fridge up with cold beer while the world cup is on ! I have to survive on little over £25 after paying my bills each week from my benefits , its really time we started kicking butt in this country.
  10. Contacted watchdog and submitted my complaint , lets see what happens.
  11. Sorry do not know mate , that would be a good idea. I have attended two of these Atos examinations and it was same on both occassions waiting for the money for about 5 - 6 weeks. UNACCEPTABLE
  12. Hi Mate Oh yes have I had to wait ......... for sure , same as you it was about 6 weeks before I got my money refunded. Disgusting considering this is our money to live on and sitting out of it means I have to miss my electricity bill payment.
  13. How do we do that mate , what sites , lets get to it as most do not know about the petition like you say unless they come on here. Wonder if we could contact any tabliods and tv as well
  14. This is excellent work mate , I will sign it with immediate effect. Come on folks lets get this going and we can give this company what it deserves.
  15. I just come off the phone with the customer relations manager of Atos in Leeds by the name of Brian Pepper and had a heated debate with him over my medical and the damage its done to me. This is a copy of the letter I am sending him and it may be confrontational but I have just about had enough. Dear Mr Pepper I am writing this letter to follow up a complaint with Atos that I originally contacted you about back in January 2010. It concerns the way in which my medical examination was conducted and the long term effect it as now had upon my lifestyle both mentally and financially. I really am at a loss for words and will find it very difficult indeed to try to get across to you the damage I have now got to endure and live with for many unhappy years to come. I was under medical treatment for depression and anxiety with my GP prior to the examination with Atos , since this examination took place my condition as deeply worsened and I may have to be referred for counselling. In my previous letter I expressed my views of the Atos examination and how I felt about your company and the way it conducted these tests. Since I have had my income support stopped on 4/1/10 I have had threats of baliff action and repossession proceedings nearly been issued on my home. I have also had a perfectly good credit record destroyed and black listed for several years to come. This will now force me to remain with my current mortgage lender which is not a reputable high street name. I have been very lucky with the low interest rates of late and I now feel that after coming off my fixed rate deal I will have no chance of moving my mortgage if the rates rise this year. This will surely result in me losing my home sometime in the future as my current lender is not the best of companies to be dealing with but was left little choice at the time. I am currently claiming JSA and cannot cope with all the stress of this on top of my already very serious problems , how long I can endure this before I attempt to take my own life remains a question I have no answer too. I have contacted the chief executive of the DWP at Caxton House in London to complain and now have the help of my solicitor. I now have the weekly struggle of trying to live on little over £20 per week after paying my mortgage due to the loss of my income support. This does not even pay for my weekly food let alone my utility bills which is increasing monthly and currently stands at over £1000 in arrears also with threats to terminate my supplies. It is with deep regret but I solely blame Atos for all this mess and also for my severe depression which as now ten folded since the medical examination. I made you aware of evidence in the form of doctors letters that I took along to the examination but it was refused to be looked at by the examining doctor. I was so appalled by the way this was addressed and conducted that I am seriously considering taking legal action for damages against your company if the decision is not overturned by the tribunal on 20/7/10. Since my examination I have done some in depth research into your company and found some very alarming issues and reports from hundreds more people like myself on the consumer forums website , the list is endless to say the least. I also watched a program that aired on BBC1 Scotland on 26/5/10 entitled BBC Investigates "Who's cheating who" and it was addressing the issues of your company and the medical examinations. The people that were suffering due to a direct result of your decisions was staggering and surprise surprise no one was available to comment from Atos or the DWP. The issue was referred to the citizens advice bureau who did their own investigation into the way your company deals with the medicals. It found overwhelmingly that the computer program used for these medical reports was and I qoute UNFIT FOR PURPOSE I think that just about sums the whole issue up. I feel so strongly over this matter that I am now going to write to my MP and the Honourable Iain Duncun Smith head of the department of work and pensions. I look forward to your urgent response in this matter and reasons given for not looking at my medical condition correctly or the evidence I provided. It will be nearly 8 months since I appealed this decision and the wait for my appeal to be heard which I think is disgusting and I fully intend not to rest until a satisfactory response as been received. Yours Sincerely Let me know if their is anything you think I could add
  16. Hi Folks I am yet another victim of this corrupt ATOS examination , I have appealed and waited 7 months for my hearing which is set for 20/7/10. Having my benefit stopped as caused me no end of trouble , i.e mortgage problems , baliffs , non payment of utility bills etc and had a perfectly good credit history destroyed. I have now got a solicitor to represent me at the hearing in July and hope to bring this **** to its knees for what they really are ! CORRUPT Judging by this forum is it not about time we organised a mass petition and presented ourselves outside No 10 Downing Street as clearly alot of innocent people are suffering unfairly. I have wrote to ATOS and the chief executive in London to complain and just got dead end responses in return. Are we interested in beating this **** or are we just going to moan and bitch individually and get nothing done , we need to get together folks strength in numbers. What about a facebook group or mass petition , anyone's suggestions and help is welcome. LETS GET TOGETHER PEOPLE TO FIGHT THIS !!
  17. Yes I have already sent my letter of appeal in to Chester and a letter of complaint to Otis Origin. I am not in the right frame of mind to be seeking work on JSA but my option was go on JSA for £64.30 week or appeal and only get income support at a far less amount think it was £12.85 a week , what a joke.
  18. Hi Chaps I was on income support up until 4th Jan 2010 and then had a letter telling me I had not being awarded enough points in a ATOS examination which took place on 14th Dec 09. I am brutally honest when I saw I am suffering from severe depression and anxiety and still to this day on tablets with my GP for my condition. I had to sign on to JSA from the 5th Jan 2010 and actively seek work despite being ill and cannot concentrate on normal day to day activities. The examination lasted no more than 15 mins and I was asked a serious of questions that did not even have any connection to my illness , ie can i dress myself and cook for myself , can I walk downstairs and watch the tv and read , can I bend at the kness etc etc. I told the examiner I was not happy with the questions being asked as they did not relate to my illness in any way whatsoever. His reply was he was not interested in my past condition and was only basing his examination on how I felt that day , I abruptly stopped him and asked how he could judge a case of severe depression on those questions and how I felt for just that day. I reminded him I have been fighting my condition with help from my GP for over a 18 months and depression is a very serious illness with good days and nightmare days , since the death of my father in late 2007 , this along with mortgage worries and other creditors as not helped my case. I have written to OTIS Origin to complain and also wrote an appeal letter to the DWP saying I am not happy in the least. The medical examination was a rapid fire set of questions from a pre loaded computer program and this seems to be the case for everyone despite what condition they may be suffering from. Since going onto JSA I receive £257.20 a month and I have to pay £173.94 to my mortgage to top up the interest payments which you can imagine trying to live on £80 a month is nigh on impossible , its a struggle even to keep up my utility bills never mind food costs , house insurance ,tv licence etc etc Any ideas how to proceed as its only a matter of time before my health worsens as I cant even afford to eat correctly these days. Thanks for reading and hope you can help me overturn the decision with your advice.
  19. Cheers shadow Damm was hoping this aint valid with it being 2005
  20. Try it now buddy , i have re uploaded it thanks.
  21. Can anyone please tell me if this is valid thanks. 1.zip
  22. They have put this up twice now in the last 12 months , started at 21.9% then increased to 30.9% now 37.81% What is the procedure for the CCA lads and lasses after the recent rulings and shadey goings on ? Cheers
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