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  1. My cut off date was the 16th and I received my letter the day before. If you don't get anything in the post you could do what I did: phone and nonchalantly ask them if they can confirm the date of the last letter sent to you. The court will tell you they have until 4pm to reply, so alerting the Halifax they haven't could trigger a last second acknowledgment possibly, but asking an innocent question will let you know if "the letter" has just been sent or whether you'll need to return the court form with box A ticked Monday morning.
  2. Have been promised the money will be in my account by the close of business on Friday at the very latest. We shall see..................
  3. If I were you, once you've done the court form I'd give them a call - as it's after the deadline, you should be listened to. I've spent most of this afternoon chasing up mine and my persistence looks like being paid off as I've been assured the money will be in my account by close of business tomorrow at the latest. Be polite and sweet to the customer representative and not get annoyed with them and they'll bend over backwards to help you. Gave him the name of the management bod dealing with my claim and he went and interupted him in a meeting to get things sorted for me
  4. Still losing teeth................. Despite numerous requests for this guy to call me, this has still not happened. So I telephoned again this afternoon to discover that a letter is being sent to me today (which I will probably therefore not receive until Saturday) saying that I need to sign an acceptance form before they can do any more. The letter sent on 13th mentioned no acceptance form but merely stated: "Please confirm within 7 days that you are willing to settle" I was also told yesterday this could be done in writing by faxing a letter to them, which was done even though the
  5. Haven't rung back, turns out he tried calling me on an incorrectly noted down number. They agree the £75 should be paid. Yesterday I faxed my acceptance to the number they gave me, but the fax was never answered. This is like pulling teeth........................
  6. Had a thought.......... In their letter they say: "However, on a purely commercial basis it will cost Halifax money to defend your claim in terms of the legal costs that will be incurred.........For this reason, but without admission of liability, Halifax is willing to reimburse etc etc" then they go on to say about the 4 charges included before the 6 year period: "Unless you can provide evidence of this further loss BOS will file a defence in respect of this part of your claim" So, they are not prepared to defend the bulk (because they know they cannot) but are happy
  7. I've seen a couple of threads where some have - and some have still taken time to resolve. I also saw a comment somewhere that the court may allow them a day or two after the deadline to allow for post. You could try ringing Halifax, quoting your reference number and asking what the date was of the last letter sent out to you as I did on Monday. If it's today's date or yesterday the chances are it's the letter you're waiting for. If it's not, then it looks like they're going to miss the deadline and you go down the default route.
  8. melly I received a letter from Halifax today acknowledging and intending to defend, but offering also to pay up. Hopefully yours is on its way too:-)
  9. Standard letter received today of acknowledgement offering to pay my claim as it's too costly to defend, blah, blah, but with an added paragraph! "The Bank of Scotland does not consider that you are entitled to the further £350 that you are claiming. Unless you can provide evidence of this further loss the Bank of Scotland will file a defence in respect of this part of your claim". My claim was based on the list of charges they finally sent to me after my initial letter in June 2006 asking for a list of charges on my account for the last six years. I notice 4 of the charge
  10. I found out that my DSS entitlement letter, sent annually in April, was not good enough and the court insisted they needed a letter from them within the last calendar month confirming I was getting my benefit. As you know trying to contact the DSS office is a nightmare - after three days of getting the engaged tone I ended up borrowing the £120 from a friend to get the process started. If your exmeption is benefit based I suggest you get your office to send you a letter confirming this so as to avoid the frustration of finding the court may not accept what you've brought along.
  11. melly mine were served on 2nd Nov too and as yet I haven't heard anything - the 14 days runs out this Thursday. I rang the Halifax today and simply asked if they could tell me the date of the last letter sent out and was informed that it was today.
  12. I suspect it will be the standard acknowledgement letter saying they will defend but it is not commercially viable to do so and money will be refunded within 5 working days. If it isn't, I'll certainly let you know otherwise
  13. Halifax have until Thursday to acknowledge mine. After ringing them I gather a letter has been sent out to me today...............
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