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  1. Well done Dog wash I too have meeting pending for next week with CHL (Capital Home Loans) and their solicitors who want to discuss the possibilities of an out of court settlement. So hopefully will be posting some positive feedback for all then. Tillers:rolleyes:
  2. Zootscoot that would be fantastic, I'd happily pay your expenses for the day. I have'nt agreed a date or time so will work around your availability.What days and time would suit you best?
  3. Many thanks all for your advice I will ponder on it over the weekend, and consider bringing along a legal representative. Dolly i live in Windsor, but the meeting will be in Fleet (Hants). I will post my thoughts later.
  4. Hi All Received a letter from CHL's solicitors today acknowleding the claim and asking for 28 days extention before they serve their defence.They state the reason is that thier client wishes to invite me to attend their offices to see whether the issues can be resolved amicably to the satisfaction of both my self and their client. They say it would be preferable for matters to be settled without the need for either party to incur costs of or dedicate time to continued court proceedings!! This has really taken me aback and not sure if there is a hidden agenda. Our claim is for £15.2k with
  5. An update CHL's solicitors have acknowledged, and have asked for an extention of 28 days to file their defence. The reason they give is that CHL would like to meet with me to see whether this issue can be resolved amicably. The say it would be preferable fo matters to be settled without the need for either party to incur the costs of or dedicate time to continued court proceedings. Sounds as if they know they are running scared and want to pay me off quietly!! Well lets hope so. Any advice as to my next move and what not say should I agree to the meeting?:o
  6. Many thanks to all for your congratulations, to those who are having been following my threads , I think the message is just hang in there, when ever I had any doubts i just posted my concerns and somebody always gave the support or information needed. If you follow the rules of engagement you will get your money back, and don't settle for anything less.I look forward to seeing many others successful claims over the coming weeks. If anybody has paid redemption penalties then take a look at the mortgage threads as many people now claiming and some have had some success, and with Zootscoot on ou
  7. A big thankyou to all on this forum for the support and the encouragement. It has been a long 5 months but full settlement received today from Cobbetts. To all newcomers stick with it, read as many of the posts as you can, all the support you need is right here! A donation will be forthcoming, and I will be busy posting on the mortgage forum as I progress a 15k ERC claim with CHL and another to follow with Kensington very soon. Once again great site what more can I say I'm of to the pub !!! Tillers:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:
  8. I am, but very hopeful to stay within the fast track, it is the court fees that tipped it over the 15k. I have seen a list of requests you have suggested to put to the court to remain within in a certain track, could you post thsose for me. Many Thanks
  9. Well I have finally taken the plunge and submitted MCOL for £15,191 .75 Claim no 6Q274666 for the files. Zoot i am sure i will be needing your help as things progress!! Good luck to all looking for ward to a good battle.
  10. Thanks lively lad , just a bit of reassurance reqd.
  11. How much longer? Turned down Cobbetts offer 12 days ago, have since spoken to the courts to day. Cobbetts submitted their AQ 13 days late (waiting for my response to their offer deadline 12/10/06) Courts said the judge will make a decision early next week? Does this mean there will be hearing date next ? Or are Cobbetts playing the normal trick of stalling to the very end, I am geeting tired of it all now !!!!
  12. Have today received 50 % offer from Cobbetts , needless to say I won't be accepting but can someone point me to the correct letter template to send them. Appears to be standard blah ie goodwill payment , not to disclose to third party and that I write to the court withdrawing my claim. Also states that this letter is written without prejudice save as to costs, and in the even that I decline this offer they will draw this letter to the courts attention. I have seen a response to this but cannot find. Please help, 5% is on its way soon!!
  13. Sorry Lyndsey I referred to the CPR 18 letter. I did get exactly the same letter on the 15/9/06 and did not bother to reply. I then received a copy of there Allocation Questionnaire from Cobbets on the 2/10/, and as mentioned have today received an offer for half of my claim from Cobbets. So don't worry to much all standard stuff, and this will give some idea of the time line. You should recieve the same in 10 days or so with an offer ( which as I understand it you accept the part payment but expect full and final payment or you will continue through the courts) there are templates for th
  14. Zoot fantastic letter, you are doing an amazing job, and I am glad your are on our side !!
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