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  1. Hi, theres an old thread in moneysaving expert that might give you a hint, search nco europe in its forums. Also google search throws up a lot of links, just thought it might be helpful for you to browse them. boswell
  2. Yes, thanks SP I stand corrected. It was the Oxford case to which I was referring. Wouldnt like to give RLP any glory through a misquote.
  3. Wrong, from what ive read here RLP are nothing more than chancers demanding money with menaces. If stores decide to call police, so be it. But if they dont there is no legal basis for RLP demanding ficticious amounts of money to line their own pockets. Read the CAB report in the sticky, and the failed prosecution. Like most on here I dont condone shoplifting, neither do I condone fleecing by chancers.
  4. quote from CAB. There's some confusion about when the termination date falls in a PILON situation. To avoid disputes, it's best to make this clear in the contract, whether it's the date notice of termination is given, or the date the PILON is made, or indeed the end of what would have been the notice period. Some employers prefer to give notice of termination and make the PILON at the same time so that there are no misunderstandings Sounds like another employer pushing the boundaries to me. PILON should be exactly what it says "Pay in Lieu of" NOT instead of. Of course a lot dep
  5. I agree with you BB on all counts. As I said in previous post ID on the first count is severe in the extreme for a first offence without prev history.
  6. Possibly, might get it on the grounds of representation. I would never have let that happen in the first place had I been there. And with all respects to rhe OP, we are really only hearing his side, but either way I am convinced there were other options that could have replaced dismissal.
  7. The rules state, At east one year's continuous service for employees in employment before 6th April 2012 Two years for employees starting employment on or after 6th April 2012 There is no length of service requirement in relation to automatically unfair grounds.
  8. Is the link still on your phone?.
  9. If I was you I would look for another reputable company or one reccomended by trading standards and ask if they will do a free survey to identify the problem, so you know what your dealing with. Just a suggestion.
  10. Hi, if your having no joy with the guy then I suggest you contact T.S. and see if he is on their radar.
  11. Have a read of this before you go so you understand your rights. http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/consumer_e/consumer_different_ways_of_buying_e/consumer_buying_goods_and_services_on_credit_or_by_debit_card_e/consumer_ways_you_can_buy_on_credit_e/conditional_sale_agreements_buying_on_credit.htm
  12. Just check the figures on the new agreement you sign, it should have a breakdown of all the finance details. If it differs from the original you should be able to see it and ask questions then. But never sign anything you are not happy with or sure about without fully understanding what you are signing upto.
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