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  1. Hi - Oh I CCA'd everyone at the same time - and two of the three card agreements were totally not ok. But I understood that things had changed and a non-enforceable CCA didnt make any difference?? And - Yes - not a sausage since the SAR in August 2009. The CCA was real but almost an ancient document! And of no earthly value to anyone. It was literally the size of a fag packet... (dunhill or st moritz - not embassy) I was not convinced by the CCCS - although they were kind and helpful - they are like the CAB - following a one-size fits all formula and I would bet I have underwear o
  2. oop - no - maybe not - have amended addresses on Experian... I may have got that wrong... but Equifax.. no joy. will try to contact them and see what they say. THANKS everyone as usual FAB
  3. Ah Bit of a snag... Experian have nothing - like none of my debts - so assume they have just used the address my current bank has - ie where the statements go. Its not the same address as the one my creditors have - a mailbox address. I gave both but they can only have used one in their search for nastiness! Equifax wont accept my card cos its not registered to my 'current' address. So ... its all a bit of a b*ggers muddle really!
  4. Thanks for the response. I hit the money-wall December 2008 and made a small part payment in January 2009. I got the response to the Subject Access Request in August 2009.,... literally nothing since! Not a word. I dont know who CCCS use. They didnt say. I have never done a credit report before. Have found Experian and Equifax online - am always a little suspicious of the 'free offer'! Is it really free??? Whats the catch? thanks
  5. Hi. Any advice at all on this would be very much appreciated. There is one credit card debt I havent heard a dicky bird about since they responded to my SAR in 2009. No letters, no calls. Nothing. Nada. Niet! BTW the card agreement is about the size of one of those slices of processed cheese they put on burgers and absolutely does not conform in any way to CCA regs. I recently spoke with the CCCS who, I understand, ran a credit report on me. This debt was not listed. Its a bit of a mystery! Am unwilling to contact them.. for obvious reasons. Sleeping dogs and a
  6. Thanks everyone - my Bro has kicked off with BG ... and we are waiting... still waiting...for a response. Much obliged.
  7. Hi Have started a new thread because I cant find anything more recent than 2008 on these people. Forgive me if I missed sommink - please point me in the right direction if I have. A letter from this bunch of lovlies was recently sent to my deceased fathers address - addressed to 'the executor of the late.....' The letter says two things - 1. they have been instructed by British Gas to collect a debt of £226.88 and 2. that they can help sort out the Probate. Both my parents have not long died. Dad (to whom the letter was directed) died in December, Mum in March. Their affa
  8. Hi My BF has a sailing boat moored in a marina inland. He is doing it up with the intention of getting it sea worthy and back on the sea next year. Its moored near where he works and its been on this mooring for two years. Hes just signing up for a third year. The masts are very tall and are currently stored in the boatyard - where he was told to put them when he first arrived. There is a new marina manager who has clearly been told to tidy the place up. Which is fine. Except he has been asked to move the masts. When he spoke to the manager he was told the following: The masts m
  9. Hi - am interested in the SAR question. Is it possible to SAR Vodafone? If you do have a complaint about the way they have behaved - which I have - big style - is it CETO or the OFT that the complaint goes to.? thanks wm
  10. Wow - thanks guys- ok.... to all the points raised... 1. The loan was arranged over the phone - I presume the call was recorded. In actual fact, the girl also asked me to contact the bank and give her a written recommendation! I remember getting a document to sign (just a computer printout) and return but I dont remember signing it. Thing is - they didnt send a signed copy when I SSRd them but thats neither here nor there, nowadays it seems. 2. My correspondence with the complaints dept would indicate that CDCS is part of Barclays - owned in the same way as, say Mercers, or other debt
  11. Thanks Cyberuseralert for your quick response. Am so frustrated - I am ok when I can take action and rubbish at the waiting game... just pants. I really want to go on the offensive and end this ..... aaarrrrghh... Sigh - oh well - at least the calls have stopped and the post is lighter than it was. Cheers - again - Minx
  12. Hi - Looking for help/advice. I had an overdraft with Barclays. My debt was spiralling out of control - in hindsight I realise that I should have seen it happening. Anyhow - I contacted them in 2008 and asked them if I could have this increased by one thousand pounds. They refused but offered instead a loan of FOUR thousand pounds - in addition to my existing overdraft. I was desperate at the time, and took it. So now I have an overdraft I cannot pay and a barclayloan I cannot pay. In January 09 I bit the bullet and wrote to them explaining that I was in difficulty etc etc.. I asked
  13. Hellooo Well - I sent this letter to Barclaycard on 22nd March and got a 'Litigation warning' in the post dated 25th march. This was from Midas Legal Services - and I am thinking this was just a routine automatic letter thingy that just wasnt stopped from being sent, if you see what I mean. Since then, nothing! So - is it now a waiting game? How can i bring an end to this? I have a similar situation with M&S and Mcard. I used the letter on M&S but havent heard a dicky bird about the MCard for months and months. I would like a 'sue me by XX or else we are done' le
  14. UPDATE: Well - I sent Fenton Cooper the following letter on 22nd March 2010: Re: my request under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 This account is in dispute On 09/07/2009 I wrote to Marks & Spencer Financial Services PLC requesting that they supply me a true copy of the executed credit agreement for this account. In response to this request I was supplied with a form which did not comply with the requirements of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The document sent purporting to be a credit agreement does not contain all of the prescribed terms as required by section
  15. OMG - I cant say I am surprised, I dont trust ANY DCA - its a crock isnt it?? Well - I got a corker of a letter from CyberUser in response to my post about the barclaycard threat. I will use it on M&S I think. I have so had enough of them. Thanks again - will update on outcome! Minx
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