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  1. Tingy, why are you even corresponding with them at this point? You need to make enquiries with the relevant courts at this stage to find out if a judgement has indeed been awarded. Start in a logical order for goodness sakes! HFO/TR don't care whether you are close to suicide, are depressed, have other mental health issues etc.
  2. It's simply an admin error... they haven't done anything wrong. HFO and Turnbull play everything by the book and have won awards for their outstanding customer service, have empathy with all debtors and do everything by the book. Why fellow CAGGERS keep bashing this firm and believe that they are in breach of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and the OFT Debt Collection Guidance 2.4 (d) in falsely implying or stating that action has been taken when it has not, for example, that civil action has been taken or that a court judgment has already been obtained is beyond me. How dare we smear their good name and exemplary record!!!
  3. Oh absolutely. Probably the same level of quaking when Cabot Ken sent his taskforce to bring me to account ;-) It was on the house phone so no recording... but you know as well as I do that they never learn ;-) Quite... I love the smell of non-existent laws in the morning... smells like victory
  4. What an odd company? What odd staff! They are chasing a payday loan I took out yonks ago... the OC tried to take me to court but decided against this just before issuing. It was a typical Bryan Carter threat. So, I asked for wasted costs in the sense that their letters had led me to source legal advice (as demanded in the correspondence from them). No replies so far. Until they contacted me today. Their drone tried to claim that small claims courts award no costs to parties for claims under £5000 (wrong), claimed that there was no reasonable dispute registered on the account (I tried to raise on there and then but he refused to accept this in breach of the OFT Debt Collection Guidance). He then told me, towards the end of the conversation, that he regrets not being there when the CRS litigation team get hold of the account. I burst out laughing... I didn't know what else to do.
  5. Contract started in Aug 10 The broadband dongle moved to a different area (daughter took it) but connection issues ensued. She also took her 3 contract phone and this stopped connecting to the network too. Complained in Jan... no connection receiving or making calls and broadband issues. I stopped paying in protest. Sort of resolved in March where they agreed to reduce monthly payments from thereon just for the mobile contract. They defaulted the broadband account 14 Feb 2011 with no letters stating that they would do this. Oh, and the contract was unilaterally terminated. Any advice on this issue? I suspect the ICO Default Guidance might apply?
  6. A CCJ falls off your record 6 years from the date of it's inception. A lender is no automatically debarred from pursuing it after this period but they would need a court order to enforce (and they would have to show just cause as to why they haven't in the interim period). However, it will not appear on your credit file again (or rather it shouldn't appear).
  7. I received the documents below today... first time I am aware of it tbh! Help! I never received the original notification and now they are prosecuting me for not telling them that I was the driver of the car... most disappointing! Any advice on what to do?
  8. My line of thinking too... just getting sick and tired of the constant letters and phone contact. They have been told where to go numerous times... they just can't leave it alone!
  9. Any advice on next steps bearing in mind the letter they sent? Obviously this is their final response... but I'm not sure that they have investigated this properly. Not only that, but do the FOS consider the OFT Debt Collection Guidance etc?
  10. Interesting, thanks. None of the letters they have ever received have entertained indebtedness or proposed negotiation; all letters have been for the purpose of fact finding. Thought as much... isn't their letter evidence of a misleading statement?
  11. The original claimant had sold the account and thus would have no cause of action in any proceedings that might have automatically followed... plus the original judgement was a split claim I think... but no-one had any details of the POC or any associated paperwork so in all effect the judgement should never have been entered. The first my wife knew about it was when we started digging around... weird set of events!
  12. My thoughts exactly. Have a butchers at this letter if you get the chance please... there seems to be a lot wrong in their letter especially reg. acknowledgement
  13. Last payment made was in June 2004. CCJ registered 14/02/06. Judgement set aside in Dec 2009 under "judgement entered in error". No other acknowledgement made of debt in that time. Is the debt statute barred?
  14. You can potentially make a claim against their solicitors (if they are using them) for costs, especially if vexatious litigation is the order of the day. I note the court order was signed by K.Wilson... a weird individual if I have ever met one and easily wound up ;-)
  15. Any reason that a defence was not submitted with the set aside application? Is there a draft defence?
  16. Back from picking kids up in 1/2 hr... will look then mate.
  17. Ok. I'll let the procedure run it's course then. It's just been a long time coming!
  18. No worries about the charges then. Why is it better to let the FOS handle this from here? Is it because the Adjudicator decision is persuasive rather than binding and because the lack of a HFC reply to it could be detrimental to their case?
  19. I know it's not legally binding... the next step could take 6 - 9 months. Rather long and there is a quicker solution. I have told the Adjudicator to progress the issue at this stage. That was 6 weeks ago now I think?
  20. Cached... that's the one! Not that it matters anyway... doesn't matter if they know who I am or not. Their claim has missed the boat.
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