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  1. You been spying on me again DB? I still have that injunction you know...
  2. Everything I do is parody these days... ...but that's enough about my sex life.
  3. Swings and roundabouts... we all have odd experiences with HFC don't we? Proper clown outfit... I have a story to tell when mine is over.
  4. They could set it off against an outstanding balance in your situation. Having no CCA makes little difference in the grand scheme of things because the FSA/OFT still accept that a liability exists on some level. However, if the PPI was missold then there is a potential for the entire loan to be written off. But that's going into some very technical arguments and I would need at least £1/2 million before I consider helping you Seriously though, missold PPI is a nightmare for the finance industry right now. Challenge it anyway and see if it reduces your overall balance... use it as a stick/carrot depending on your circumstances.
  5. Patrick... do you have the email address for the Director and Accounts Manager?
  6. No it's not... which was why it has taken so long to get them to accept that they owe me the money directly and do not have the right of set-off.
  7. HFC have used the FSA guidelines for calculating the redress... until I have that payment in my bank I'm not saying anything else about the figures. Got an email address Patrick? I'll bung them a message saying I want the dosh sooner... they owe me it considering they lied in their letters to the FSA.
  8. It was more than I wanted... so that's good enough for me. I just want to know when I get it hahaha
  9. Pretty chuffed... this has been a long road which I was never going to begin travelling. Smiles all around now.
  10. Nothing else on to report I'm afraid (getting a few inbox requests for "inside" information). Can't reveal anything personal about the case as it is sub judice.
  11. Ok, the FOS agreed with me and HFC Bank have been forced to concede defeat. I have signed my offer form but have said that they process the paperwork and payment 28days + 5. Has anyone been paid out quicker? It would be nice to have it before xmas.
  12. No it's all in hand now. Witness statements and evidence all filed with the other parties and court. Just have to wait for the hearing to take place. Thanks for your offer
  13. Indeed. I was nearly one of 'em! Thank you! I did read those and thank you for pointing them out anyway. Not long to go now... the 10th of Nov is getting closer and closer!
  14. Haha... No need for any payments at all I suspect. You can't win in court against people who tell the truth.
  15. The above comment was written not to "brag" or "promote" that I could be receiving free help with the case BUT to stop people from sending thousands and thousands of pounds for legal costs I have no intention of running up. I didn't want people thinking that I was going to accept very large donations to pay for legal costs that will never exist... I was just looking for some assistance with the travel and hotel bill... London aint cheap!
  16. Thanks for the kind words and support everyone. I'm not sure how the claimant is paying for the action, he could well be fee exempt. But I suspect that the court action is to either force Amazon and the other two Defendants to settle out of court (because of the prohibitive cost of libel defences) or to cause maximum disruption in retaliation for me "exposing" the pseudonym and the unethical business practices employed by the claimant and his publishers. Amazon and the other Defendants have really good lawyers... I have confirmed with the firm helping me out that I will be able to conduct a large part of my case... but if it goes further I suspect, and they have intimated, that they will represent me pro bono. Hopefully this strike out action will end here and now. I wish I could reveal more... I really do... but I have to be careful what I reveal in a public forum.
  17. I'm not a millionaire... but the other Defendants are. I'm the luckless individual unfortunately. No insurance for this. Receiving some help pro bono.
  18. Thanks for the donation... hopefully people can support (even just "emotionally") because this is a very stressful situation.
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